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Lisa POV
He didn't go home, ugh where the hell he is. I sit at my couch and wait him to back.

When I heard the door open, I came there and I saw Kook, and I think he don't have a mood to talk to me.

"Kook are you okay?." I asked.

"Yeah I'm okay." he said and went upstairs.

Ughh, I received 100 text from Jennie, and it's kinda annoying now. Coz all of it is "Sorry Lisa." Fuck she don't have anything to say more than sorry?. Tss.

I went upstairs and I entered my room, I hug my pillow and I sleep.

"Who are you!" I said while looking three guys in front of me.

"You need to die Ms. Manoban." the center said and he pick an injection on his pocket and its color violet liquid.

"Stab her now." The left man said.

"Nah."The right said and he pick an one injection on his pocket, and it's color yellow liquid.

He inject it to me, and I felt dizzy, I fall on to the ground. I saw them take off their mask, but I didn't saw their face coz it's blurred.

"Did you guys finish her?." a manly voice said.

He looks old but I can't see his face fuck.

"Not yet, Master." a center man said.

"Finish her now." he said.

And they injected me to my neck and its fucking hurts.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!!" I said and I open my eyes.

I thought it was real dream, ughh.

Then I saw Kook came in to my room.

"Are you okay?." He panickly said.

"Yes I am, sorry if I worried you too much." I said and he hug me tightly.

"I think, there's a one person who wants to kill you." he said and I push him.

"What do you mean?." I asked.

"Someone is stalking you always, he wearing an black mask, black hat, and black clothes, he looks like a killer." he said.

I suddenly panic and I didn't know what to do.

"Lisa, Listen to me, you need to protect yourself even we're not with you, and thank Jennie." he said and I became confuse.

"Why would I thank her?." I asked.

"Coz she save you twice Lisa, First when you guys got married, she saw someone hiding at the tree and second she saw someone hiding at the wall at night, thank god she's there, because even I'm near to you he can stab you, so thank her for saving you." he said and I nodded.

"I don't know what I'm going to do, coz I didn't do something to other people except for Mr. Kim." I said and he look at me.

"Maybe he-." I cut him off.

"Impossible, Mr. Kim is a good man, I think I will help him to his company again." I said.

"Ughh, maybe he wants to kill you because you grab all of your share on them, and you make them poor."he said and he hit my head.

"Stop doing bad again or those people will Bury you alive." he added and went out.

I sigh and I call my secretary in Seoul to book me a flight.


Jennie POV
Why she's not replying my texts. I play a little bit on my phone and I open my inbox, still she's not replying.

"Why don't you text her, except for sorry?." Nayeon recommend.

"Sure." I said.

To: Hon❤️| 9:30pm

Lisa, I'll explain everything on you tomorrow, at rooftop.

I sigh and I saw Nayeon looking at my texts.

"Still "Hon" huh?, she's your ex now Jennie, don't pray that she will come back to you."she said, and hit her head.

"I'm not praying that you idiot." I said and she laugh.

While we're fighting, I receive an text on her finally.

From: Chief Kim| 9:35pm

Okay, but first you need to come with me back in Seoul.

What? Why would I come back there with her, she have a boyfriend, why don't her boyfriend come on her ts.

Then I recieve and text on her again.

From: Chief Kim| 9:36pm

If you don't want, I won't listen to your fucking explanation.

Ughhh I don't have choice anyways.

To: Hon❤️| 9:36pm

Fine B.O.S.S

Ughhhhhhh, I don't know what will i wear tomorrow, ughh I have an ugly clothes.

"Tss, still don't know what to wear?." Nayeon said, ughh she's such ughh.

"Yeah." I plainly said.

"Your clothes are suit to you actually, all of your clothes are good enough Jennie." she said and she handle me my black clothes.

"Wear that, your going insane bitch."she said and walk out.

I smiled and I went to her, I pull her hair and we fight again.

"who's bitch huh!." I said and she's laughing.

"Youuu!!" she said and suddenly we fall at the stair.

"Aww." I said coz I'm the bottom, and she's on my top.

"Oppsss, do you want to make out today Chief Kim?." she said while smirking.

I put my hands on her face and I push her.

"Awww my buttt!" she said.

"Karma." I said and she ran over me, fuckk we play along tonight.

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