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CHARLOTTE SAT in chemistry class the next day, eyes fixed on the whiteboard at the front of the room. Eden sat next to her, tying her long locks back into a ponytail. So it was a normal day.

"And now I will tell you all your partners for this term's project." The teacher, Ms. Duncan announced at the front of the room. There was a collective groan from around the room while Eden turned to Charlotte, holding up her crossed fingers. "You will be in groups of three to split up the work evenly—"

"Yeah, cause that's going to happen." A familiarly obnoxious voice called from the back of the room. Charlotte rolled her eyes at the voice and rested her cheek on her palm, frowning. She barely even noticed when Eden turned her head and frowned at the back of the room.

All she was hoping was that she didn't get him as a partner.

She listened to the teacher call off the names of her classmates until she heard her name being called, immediately sitting up in her seat. "Charlotte, Eden, and Corbyn." The redhead beamed and turned to Eden, who's cheeks were slightly pinker and she looked down at her desk.

"Sweet!" Charlotte nudged her friend's arm with a smile before turning around. She knew of Corbyn, he was one of the smarter kids in school, so this shouldn't be that bad.

The teacher finished calling out the names and told them to go with their project partners. Charlotte and Eden gathered their things and made their way to the back of the room where Corbyn Besson sat. The blond boy pulled the white hood off of his head and smiling slightly at the two girls.

"Hey." He said and moved his arms off his desk, letting the other two pull some chairs up and Charlotte to put the paper outlining the project down. "So I was thinking—"

"Aw come on! Two of the smartest people in class get paired up together!" Charlotte bit her tongue, quite literally, to keep herself from snapping back when she glanced over and saw Daniel's hand resting on the back of her seat, his familiar smirk above her. "Though I'm sure red is happy, she gets to be with her friend after all." He nodded to Eden, who's expression dropped to one of slight anger.

"Screw off, Seavey." Eden snapped and the boy furrowed his eyebrows momentarily before just shrugging, smirking again.

"Alright, I'll leave you guys to it." Daniel held his hands up as he walked away. He sent a wink to Charlotte when she glanced back, only rolling her eyes in response and looking back to the other two.

"Just ignore him, it's what I try to do." She said to Corbyn and opened up her chemistry notebook.

The blond nodded before glancing over at Eden, who was still angrily looking off at the other boy. He nudged her elbow lightly and she turned to him, a soft smile spreading over her face. She just shrugged and he let out a quiet sigh.

"So here's what I'm thinking..."

this was written so BADLY
sorry for the filler
like this was nothing good

also i kinda want to write
a short story based off of
so who should it be?

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