Young Love (A SHINee Fan Fic) Chapter Three

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I sat up on the counter, and he stood in front of me.
"Shh." He said. I heard the shower water on.
"Okay." He leaned closer and kissed me, again, hesitantly sliding his tongue into my mouth.
I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, and he put his hands on my waist.
____ walked into the kitchen.
"Oh Lord. Me and Key are such a bad influence on you poor innocent kids." she said, laughing and ruffling Taemin's hair.
"Hi noonaaa." He said.
"G'morning, kid" She said, kissing the top of his head and picking up the bowls from the Ramen and putting them in the sink.
Key came in a little later, and he did a weird hair flip thing.
"Did yall..shower ..together?" Taemin asked.
"What do you think?" ____ said, smiling.
"Uhh..alllright I don't need to know this."
Key wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her.
"Hello, beautiful!"
"Hey, you were the ones sucking face when I walked in!"
Taemin immediately started blushing.
"Yeah that's what I thought." She said, pinching his cheeks.
"Yah! Don't do that!" Taemin said.
"Why don't you ever kiss Tammie in front of us?" Key asked.
"Because it's weird." He answered.
"Kiss her!" ____ ordered.
He sighed, turned around, put his fingers under my chin, pulled me up to him, and kissed me.
"GOOOOOOD MORNING WOR-" Jonghyun came in. "Yah! Taemin! Making out with your girlfriend on the counter? That's sexy. You should try putting your hands-"
"Keep the to yourself, darling, your scaring the kids." ____ said.
Taemin blushed.
Onew walked in and saw me and with our faces half an inch apart, my arms around Taemin's neck, one of his hands on my waist, the other under my chin, just smiling and looking into each other's eyes.
"Aww, look at our Taemin." He said, pinching one of his cheeks.
"Yah! Stop touching me!" He said.
"Someone's grumpy." Jonghyun said.
"Cause he's been up all night." ____ said.
Taemin sighed. I jumped off the counter, grabbed Taemin's hand, and we walked back to the couch.
Minho was still asleep on the other couch.
"Come on." Taemin said, and we stood next to the couch, counted to three, and jumped on him.
"Wake up Appa! *appa means dad in Korean*" We said at the same time.
"Yah! Tammie, Taemin! Get off!" We started bouncing on him.
"Appa! Appa! Appa! Appa! Appa!" We yelled.
"Yah! Fine! I'm awake! Just get off!" He got up, grabbed his blanket, and walked into his room.
We smiled, and laid on the couch together.
"I love you Taemin."
"I love you too Yoona."
He kissed me, and we soon started making out.
He put his hand on my waist, and played with the bottom of my shirt, while I messed with his hair.
Taemin's phone started buzzing, and I held back a really pervertive comment.
"Sorry Yoona." He looked at his phone and replied to a text.
"Now where were we?" He smiled and kissed me again.
He turned a little so that he was on top of me, and made a trail of kisses down my neck, then back up to my lips.
I bit his bottom lip, and he let out a little moan.
"Gah! Taemin! Really? You too? On the couch?" Jonghyun came walking in the living room.
"____! Key! You are horrible influences on Taemin and Tammie!" He yelled.
"What did they do?" Key yelled back.
"They were making out on the couch and Taemin was moaning!"
"Wooh! Go Taemin!" Key called back.
"Gah! Jonghyun! Shut up babo!" Taemin said, his face bright red.
"Aww, Taeminnie. It's okay. They'll get used to it." I said, kissing his cheek. He half smiled, his face getting a little less red.
"I want a kiss Tammie!" I sighed and kissed his cheek.
"Yay, I'm loved."
"Am I loved?" Taemin asked me.
"Yes! I love you Tae! Marry me?!" Jonghyun said, and jumped on Taemin, and kissed his cheek.
"Yah! Jonghyun! Get off!"
"Aww! You know you love me too, Taemin!"
"Yah! Jonghyun!" He threw him on the floor. Taemin's face was red and he was smiling like a dork.
I was sitting on the arm of the couch, and someone wrapped their arms around my waist from behind, and threw me over their shoulder.
"GAH!!!!" I yelled. I tried my hardest to keep myself propped up so that my face wasn't right next to the person's butt.
"Who picked me up?"
"Minho." Jonghyun answered.
"Minho put me down!"
"Sorry princess. Can't."
"Taeminnie! Help me!" I yelled.
"I would, but Minho would overpower me." He said.
"I will bite you, Minho."
"No you won't."
"Try me."
"Bite me."
"No, Minho! Don't chall-" Taemin started.
"OOOOOWWWWW!" I bit Minho's side and we both fell to the floor.
"-enge her...." Taemin finished.
"Your girlfriend bit me!"
"I told you I would." Jonghyun was on the floor holding his sides from laughing.
Key and ____ walked in.
I imagine the image funny. Me on the floor with Minho sitting on me, him looking at the teeth marks on his side, my face red yelling at him to get off me cause he's fat, Jonghyun holding his sides laughing like a maniac on the floor, and Taemin sitting on the couch smiling.
"What happened?" Key asked.
"I bit Minho."
"He said I wouldn't."
"Wouldn't what?"
"Bite him."
"Taemin." Key turned to him. "I love your girlfriend!"
"Hey!" Taemin and ____ said at the same time.
"Not like love her love her! Gosh."
Jonghyun, who finally calmed down, finally spoke.
"Minho just got owned by a little girl."
"Shut up."
"Gah! It's 11?" I looked at the clock. "I need to go." I got up and went into Taemin's room, grabbed my things, and when I came back Taemin ran to me.
"No! Don't go. Please?" He gave me puppy dog eyes. "Please stay with me?"
"But Taemin, Cassie is probably worried about me. I have to go." He stuck his bottom lip out. I sighed. "Come with me so I can get some things and I'll stay the night again."
"You know, You could just come move in with us." Onew suggested.
"Yeah! Yoona! You can stay in my room with me!"
"Are you sure?"
"Yah!" Jonghyun, Minho, Key, ____, Onew, and Taemin all said in unison. Gosh I am so loved(:.
"Please please please please please pleeeeeease Yoona." Taemin said, biting his lip and holding his hands over his mouth. I squealed a little.
"Yaay!" Taemin said, jumping up and down. "Let's go get your stuff!"
Minho drove Taemin and I to the B2ST house, and we walked in.
Cassie and Yoseob were sitting on the couch holding hands, and Hyun Seung was sitting on the floor.
"Tammie!" He jumped up and hugged me.
"Hi Hyun."
"Where have you been?" He asked.
"I've been at Taemin's house." I said, then whispered, "Look what he got me!" I showed him the ring.
"Aww! That's so sweet." He said, then pinched my cheek.
"Hey Tammie. So you're back now?" Cassie asked.
"Oh, well, see, since me and Taemin are going out and all, I decided that I'm moving to his house."
"You're moving in with Taemin?"
"Did they say it was okay?"
"Actually, it was more like everyone insisted. Everyone."
"Oh, so you're all buddy-buddy with ____ now?" She asked. Her tone sort of scared me.
"Yeah. She's really nice, and an amazing singer. A dancer, I'm not to sure about, but when me and her sang last night-"
"What all did you do last night?"
"Well, I danced with the boys, we sang, we watched scary movies, stayed up all night, ate Ramen, bit Minho, got squished, and yeah."
"Okay, well if you'd rather stay at the SHINee house, you can."
"Okay!" I grabbed Taemin's hand and ran into my room, grabbed all of my things, a few dresses Cassie gave me, and we ran back to the car.
"Oh, wait!" I ran back into the house and kissed Hyun Seung on the cheek.
"Bye Oppa! Text me!"
We left and drove back to the SHINee house.
When Taemin and I got back to the SHINee house, ____ and Key were, again, making out on the floor.
"Yah! Guys! Could you go one hour with out all that?" Taemin said.
"Nope." They said at the same time.
Taemin sighed, and we walked into his room.
"Yay! You get to sleep right here," he hit his bed a few times, "with me every night!"
I smiled.
"I love you Yoona."
"I love you too Taemin."
"No, I mean, I love you. A lot." He said, walking to me, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"I love you too. A lot."
"Good." He kissed my forehead. We stood there hugging for a few minutes, then he pulled back and grabbed my hand and we walked back into the living room.
Key and ____ had gone somewhere, and it was just Jonghyun and Minho sitting on the couch.
"So, you're going to come live with us now?" Jonghyun asked. I nodded.
"Cool." Minho said. It was all quiet for a while, and Jonghyun spazzed out.
"WE SHOULD HAVE A PARTY!" He yelled, making Taemin and I jump.
"Yeah!" Taemin agreed.
"What kind of party?"
"A fun one. But not dance. How about like, with games like, truth or dare, spin the bottle, and, and...and 7 minutes in heaven!" Jonghyun said.
"Ew!" Taemin said.
"Come on Taemin! I'll fix the game so you and Tammie can go together." Taemin sighed.
"Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine." He said.
"Yay! Let's have it tonight!" Jonghyun said, pulling out his phone. He hit a few buttons dramatically, and put the phone up to his ear. He said a few things in Korean, and hung up. "Alright, I told F.T. Island about it, and they are inviting a few people."
"Alright!" Taemin grabbed my hand and we ran into his room. He shut the door, and immediately started kissing me.
"Promise me that at the party you won't do anything with any other guy but me?"
I smiled at him. "I promise."
He smiled really big and kissed my cheek.
I walked over to the closet and pulled out my red skinny jeans and my black Lee Taemin shirt that I got off of ebay a few months ago, which I think Taemin might like, and threw them on.
When I was dressed, I walked into the living room, and only Taemin was sitting on the couch.
"Where's everyone else?" I asked.
"They are all getting ready."
"Oh." I walked over to him and sat on his lap. He was also wearing some red skinny jeans and jut a plain black shirt. I started laughing.
"What's so funny?"
"What about us?"
"We're matching like those weird couples." He looked down and laughed a little bit.
"We are. But it doesn't bother me." He bent down and kissed my neck.
"Hello little love birds." Jonghyun came in and sat on my lap, which hurt Taemin too because I was still on his.
"Ooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!" Taemin and I said at the same time. He tilted his head to the side and pointed at it.
"Taemin, would you kiss my neck too?"
"No!" Taemin yelled, flicking his ear.
"Ow! That wasn't nice!"
"Jonghyun Oppa! Get your ass off of me!" I yelled.
"Oh, so Oppa and ass in the same sentence. Nice." I pinched his sides, which made him spazz out and fall on the floor.
"Haha." Taemin laughed a little bit, and it was really cute.
"Babos." Jonghyun said under his breath, then left.

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