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Uraraka's POV
I woke up to my alarm and Tsu laying next to me with terrible bed head. I kiss her head and she starts to wake up. "Morning." She says before clearing her throat.
"Morning, want to make some breakfast for everyone? We all need it." I say as I get up.
"Yup, ribbit!" She jumped up and started getting ready. After five-ish minutes, we get down to the kitchen and start making some food.

Bakugo's POV
I wake up with a start because I heard a noise. As I sat up and opened my eyes, I yell. "Who the f**k is there!" A few small explosions come out of my hands.
"It's just me!" I hear a voice come from right beside the bed. I lean over the edge and see Kiri laying on the floor.
"Oh, but why are you on the floor? You should be resting." I move my legs over the side of the bed and pick him off the floor, and into my lap. "You have to be more careful." I start combing through his hair, the few parts still hair sprayed falling and framing his face.
"Sorry, I just had a nightmare and fell off the bed." He said looking down. I used my index finger and thumb to lift his head. I gently peck his nose and rest my chin on his shoulder. He leans his head on mine and we sit there for ten, maybe fifteen minutes.

Todoroki's POV
I was just walking down the hallway in my house, but it was different then normal. Normally there's a door on each side, faceing each other, then another two doors another ten feet away. But here, there was only one door and the end. For some reason I felt compelled to go to it. My hand grips the door knob and I slowly twist it, only to find a horrible sight inside. Evryone from class 1-A is hanging. A rope attaching them to the ceiling. One by one, their heads look up and straight at me. I stumble back a few steps at the sight, their eyes are pitch black. They all jump down and slowly walk to me, I try and fail to open the door I just came in. Shoot it's locked somehow. I look back at them as they push me to the ground with devilish smirks. They close it making it pitch black around me.
I shoot up, breathing heavy, and sweating bullets. I hear a thump at the side of the bed. I look over the edge to see Izuku rubbing the back of his head, slowly leaning up. "You could have just told me to get off."
"Sorry, I had a bad dream. You okay?"
"I don't think so."
"What, did you hit the floor that hard?" I say even more worried as a got on the floor next to him.
"Puft." He starts giggling and snorting.
"You jerk!" I say with a fake hurt tone as I gently push him away.
"Oh you know you love me." He says with a sassy hint in his voice.
"Yes I do." I say as I pull him close and give him short, gentle kisses all over his face.
"Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu." He wines as he tries to push away. I just hold him tighter in my embrace. Then there was a knock on the door.
"Guys, Uraraka and I made breakfast. Ribbit. Come and get some before it's gone." Tsu said and walked away, her footsteps fading away towards the kitchen.
"Food!" Izuku says as he quickly gets up, but falls right back on his face.
"Oh my goodness. I'm in love with the clumsinest person in the world." I look up and see Izuku slowly sit up.
"Come on, I'm hungry, but have you seen my guide stick?"
"You don't need that, you've me." I say as I easily pick him up from his under arms.

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