Last One- Scenes 13 and 14

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*Scene 13*

Adele and Demi at the cafe and Ethan and Joe just arrive. Ethan and Joe sit at the same table as the girls but Demi sits next to Adele instead of Joe.

Ethan: hey girls

Adele: hey babe 

Adele and Ethan kiss. Demi and Joe both roll their eyes and act annoyed almost but deep down they wanted to kiss each other.

Demi: really? 

Adele: sorry 

Ethan: just because you and Joe have broken up doesn't mean we're not allowed to kiss

Joe: that is true Demi

Demi: ok ok, jeez you don't all have to gang up on me

Adele: i wasn't

Demi: i know, i meant them two

Adele and Ethan chat for a while but Demi and Joe just sit in silence awkwardly like they wanted to talk but didn't know what to say

Ethan: are you two ok?

Demi: yeah why

Adele: because you haven't spoken in the last 10 minutes

Demi: oh

Joe: Can i talk to you outside Demi

Demi: yeah

Demi and Joe go outside to talk once again while Adele and Ethan stay inside

Demi: what do you wanna talk about

Joe: us

Demi: Joe you've got to understand there is no us at the minute

Joe: i don't believe that. Even if you say and we don't hang out anymore I'll still believe that we're together, regardless

Demi: you're missing the point. I can't and i don't want to be with someone who only loves me based on how I look. I need someone who loves me for me not just my hair or whatever.

Joe: well why do you still have your hood up then. if you want people to love you for you and accept you take your hood down

Demi: it's not like that, you just don't understand

Joe: well how is it then?

Demi: people judge

Joe: and?

Demi: And i hate it. i know i seem and act like i'm strong but believe me on the inside I'm not. And i can't handle it all at the minute

Joe: i don't get why though. You were fine the other day. It seemed like you didn't care about what they said about you 

Demi: yeah it seemed (nearly crying) I might be strong on the outside but on the inside i'm breaking and you of all people should know that

Joe: why did you shave it off then? You knew you would get attention

Demi: because. i had to get rid of something and take my anger out on something without hurting someone or breaking something.

Joe: you could of just punched a pillow or something. it would have been more effective and it would have kept us together

Demi: oh so that's what you really thought then. You were like 'oh she's gonna shave her head, we're gonna break up, oh no, she's gonna look ugly as fuck'

Joe: i tried to stop you. and you're not ugly

*Scene 14*

Demi: oh sure you did. i didn't hear you trying to unlock the door or unplug the razor

Joe: because you wouldn't let me in

Demi: you could of tried harder though, but anyway it doesn't matter now. We're not together, just because of my 'stupid hair'

Joe: you heard that. who told you i said that

Demi: Ethan told Adele and she told me

Joe: those traitors

Demi: excuse you. friends aren't meant to keep secrets. they're meant to stick together and protect each other by telling the truth, not lie just to protect the person who said it

Joe: well, now i don't want to get back together, (mutters) ever

Demi: (tearing up) well then, we're on the same page

Demi and Joe go back inside avoiding eye contact with each other.

Adele: Dem, you ok

Demi was tearing up and ended up crying in front of Joe

Demi: yeah, yeah i'm fine

Joe: (mutters) your face says otherwise

Demi: did you not even listen to me out there. i don't want to hear your opinion anymore. we're not together. I don't need your input on everything

Joe: so i can't have an opinion now. Funny how you say about girls have an opinion too. you never listen to anyone else apart from the people who say that

Demi: i never said that

Joe: i know we're not together and honestly i'm glad. i cant deal with all your feminism and shit. it's ok to stand up for women but men aren't evil

Demi: again. i know that. I'm trying to get the people to have equal rights and treated equally. You never get judged because of your hair, your clothes or your makeup, you don't understand.

Joe: at least i look good

Demi: (offended and now shouting while crying) that. that is why i broke up with you. you're too self-absorbed. you think you're so great. but here's a reality check for ya, most people think of you as self-centred and selfish because of that. if someone compliments you, take it. don't say i know. it's just plain rude. And you can say what you like about me to people, honestly i don't care anymore. i'm used to all your hateful comments about me anyway. So say what you want. i don't care anymore. i'm done with you. I'm done with everyone.

Demi leaves the cafe, once again mad at Joe, but this time crying 

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