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I go upstairs sometime later to look for Maine. It was exhausting to face the rumor-hungry mob of reporters but I managed to handle it as courteously as I can.

I told them as much as they needed to know at that time: My wife and I are okay. David is a blessing to both of us and our relationship. James is Maine's friend who is helping us with the adoption.

I then send them off with a promise to clarify things in the future. I know more rumors will be woven from those answers but I already have Sam schedule a sit-down interview with a trusted broadcaster in my home network for me and Maine so we can open up about everything and set all of these straight. I did not allow questions about Zeke however because I don't think my wife is ready for those.

Now, I just have to ask Maine if she actually wants to do that interview. It was a spontaneous decision on my part and haven't consulted her about it. Of course I will understand if she wouldn't be up to it. I just hope she won't get angry at me for committing to something that will expose that aspect of our lives that I know she would prefer to be kept private.

I didn't notice James downstairs. He probably went to his room. Our bedroom seems quiet too as I approach it which means David is still sleeping. This is probably the best time to talk to Maine about the interview.

As I step closer to the slightly open door however, I realize that she's not alone in the room with David. She's talking to someone in hushed tones so not to wake our little boy. It doesn't take a genius to know she's talking to James. I immediately feel my blood boil and my skin crawl at the thought of them being alone in the room all that time while I was downstairs. I feel the need to barge in and beat his perfect Zac Efron face up but I manage (to my surprise) to calm myself and stay back.

I peak through the opening of the door and see them a few feet away from it, standing face to face at a safe friendly distance. Okay. So I did the right thing staying back. I know this seems childish but I still listen to their conversation.

"You were happy, Maine. You had peace. You and David, you were happy. You had the world to yourselves with no one to stop you. No one turning up out of nowhere to judge you like they know who you really are."

"I'm happy here too, James. We're happy here with RJ."

He sighs. "Don't you miss it? Walking along the beach with David, laughing, running, chasing waves, doing what you love without having to care what people might think?"

"I can still do that here. This time, I can do it with my family." She says.

That's my girl.

"No. Not completely. There will always be people like the ones outside. That much you have to admit."


She sighs and looks at David. "No. I guess not. Not completely" She admits and I feel my heart being pulled at its seams. She was living the life that she has always dreamed about before she came back here.

"Why did you leave, doll?" He asks her. "Why did you have to go all the way here and leave everything you had there?" He looks at her. I hate the way he looks at her with so much longing and affection. I should have exclusive rights to look at her that way but I guess I can't really stop other people from loving the sunshine.

"You know why. I told you before I left."

"For David? For the adoption? Bullshit!" He steps forward and takes her hand in his. "You know I could have done that for you. You know I would have done anything to make you happy, for you to keep David. You know I would do anything and everything for you, Maine. You didn't have to come here for that. You could've just mailed the papers here for him to sign and have your lawyers work on everything. You didn't have to come here to see him."

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