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Narrator: a galaxy divided by war. Peaceful worlds must choose sides or face the threat of invasion. Republic and Separatist armies vie for the allegiance of neutral planets. Desperate to build a Republic supply base in the system of Toydaria, Jedi Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Padawan Zane Torrellas travel to secret negotiations on a remote neutral moon.


Three Toydorian's land their ship and go down the branch of the giant weird looking three. One was King Katuunko.

Guard: we are getting no signal from the Republic, your Highness.

Katuunko:<checks his googles> I don't see anything. It is not like the Jedi to be late.

Ventress: greetings, King Katuunko.

Ventress was there with Wade in his hover chair and two Battle Droids as Guards. Katuunko's Guards point their blasters at them but Katuunko gestured to put them down.

Katuunko: who are you two?

Ventress: we are only messengers, Majesty. Our Master wishes to speak with you.

Ventress let's a holo disk float slightly above ground and a hologram of Dooku appears.

Dooku: Katuunko, great King of Toydoria, forgive my intrusion.

Katuunko: Count Dooku.

Dooku: I am aware Master Yoda hopes you will allow the Jedi to build a Republic Base in your system in exchange for protection, correct?

Katuunko: your spies serve you well, Count.

Dooku: I ask, how can the Jedi protect you if they cannot protect themselves?

Republic Ship No POV

Clone Pilot: Toydorian Royal Delegation, this is the Republic Emvoy. Please respond. General, Commander, the Toydorians' Beacon is active on the moon, but all our transmissions are being jammed.

Yoda: hmm.

Zane: something wrong, Master?

A Separatist Frigate appeared out of Hyperspace and started attacking the smaller Republic Ship.

Droid Captain: we caught them by surprise, all right.

Another Separatist Frigate came out of Hyperspace and started attacking as well, the Republic Ship was dodging as much of the blasts as possible and shooting back doing little to no damage to the enemy ships.

Clone: we're losing our shields!

Yoda: too late it is. Sprung is the trap.

Clone: I must get you to safety, General.

Yoda: retreat you must. On the moon below is our mission. There we must go.


Katuunko: I suppose you and your droid armies can do better?

Dooku: without a doubt. I sense you are one who respects strength, your highness. Our droid armies outnumbered the Republic clones 100 to one.

Katuunko: perhaps, but I have heard that a single Jedi equals 100 Battle Droids. With a Padawan at his side, 200 Battle Droids.

Republic Ship

Yoda: quickly, now. Reach the planet's surface we must.

Clone: in an escape pod, sir? The enemy will fire at anything we launch.

Yoda; then launch all of them you will. Hmm?

Zane: this is a crazy idea, Master.

The Republic Ship launched several escape pods and in one of them was Slash, the three clones, Yoda and Zane.

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