⚫Chapter 60⚫

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Never in my life would I had thought my friends and I would get to go to Latum Alterum.

When we returned back to earth, everyone was dying to know what happened. I had spent days telling the children in our pack all the cool and crazy things my friends and I had experienced. They were amazed and shocked and had asked several times if they could go. They were quite adorable.

Things had returned to back to normal. Well sort of. I was somehow able to control myself hence the reason why I had also returned to school with my friends. It was like I never left.

Elias had told me how teary his mom was when he gave her Roman's necklace. She was so happy that her brother was alive but also very disappointed with his actions and the way he treated her son.

I had finally met Elias' brother Miles. He was a carbon copy of him. They looked the exact same it was quite scary.

Elias and I spent a lot of time together. We were practically inseparable. I was so happy that I didn't lose him because if I ever did, I don't know how I would be able to live.

Even though I had returned back to earth, I still had many unanswered questions. Why was I the chosen one? Why did Elias and I find that dead body in Regnum Aqua? What was the voice that I had heard in my head? And most importantly, why did I have powers? I mean it was fun to play around with, but I couldn't comprehend its purpose.

Anyways, it's interesting how this all turned out. We had completed our deed and returned back to earth.

There were times when I doubted myself. I thought I was going crazy thinking that I could somehow unite all the Alphas together. Truth is I was crazy.

No one in their right minds would've done what I did, but I knew it needed to be done. Regardless if it was our deed or not.

And that's really all that matters. No matter how weird your life is or how crazy some circumstances are, everything happens for a reason. Don't give up and fight for what's right.

And from now until forever I will always do just exactly that. I will always stand up for those who can't. I will always find a way to make the impossible possible.

And I guess that's what makes me Leilani.

The End

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