Chapter Twenty-Six

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Noah ignored Duncan and walked over to where Kai sat, Kai looked up at him and tried to scoot away frantically.

"Don't touch me!" Kai screamed. "I'm contaminated, i-I won't make a good sacrifice, please." Kai begged but Noah didn't stop to consider what he was doing. He just grabbed Kai by the collar and started to drag him while Kai was screaming pleas.

"We have to get out of here." Daisy says and started to grind her ropes against the tree in hope of cutting them.

"Duncan, when we get out you've got to kill Noah. If you don't he'll kill us because he already knows what's going to happen, his dreams told him." Sammy says and starts to grind his ropes against the tree as well.

"I thought I had to kill Wren? I thought you implied that Wren was my Lucy and that she was alive?" Duncan asks and Sammy shakes his head.

"Wren's not your Lucy, Wren was the cover up for your true feelings towards one of your best friends, Noah. I didn't see it before, your brain refused to believe that you were in love with Noah, but you are and it's okay." Sammy says and Duncan shakes his head.

"I'm not gay, Sammy." Duncan says.

"You have to let your true feelings take over, think of when Noah died, you were devastated for weeks but when we found out Wren was dead you didn't even react." Sammy says and looks directly at Duncan. "It's okay, there's nothing wrong with it."

Duncan held back stress tears and started to attempt to untie the ropes with the tips of his fingers. "Do you think they killed Lauren and Jonathan?"

"I don't know." Sammy mumbles when they hear rattling in the leaves. Each of them look up frantically and see someone dragging someone else towards them. It was Amber. She was dragging Jonathan.

"Do you know why you're friend isn't dead?" Amber asks Duncan and Duncan shrugs. "Because I wanted you to see it in person."

Amber shoved Jonathan onto the ground and pulled out Jonathan's shotgun and placed it on his head.

"No! Please!" Daisy screams.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't save Lauren." Jonathan mumbles then—BANG— his blood splattered on Sammy and they all screamed and cried. Amber dropped the gun and walked away.

"You son of a bitch! I'm going to kill you!" Sammy screamed.

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