2. A Storm

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Hlo darlings


The most vulnerable side of a person brings out the storms hidden inside him. The same was happening with him. His vulnerability seeing his sister crying turned into a storm that was going to destroy whatever was there in his way.

As soon as he entered the farmhouse after beating the security guards mercilessly, he felt disgusted as the smell of alcohol was all over the place. The empty bottles of alcohol lay scattered over the floor. He stepped over those bottles breaking them into pieces and searched the whole place but found no one.

Then, his feet moved towards the room in the furthest corner of the second floor. The closer he went the faster his heart started beating. He opened the door and looking at the person in that room his heart felt peaceful for a moment, the calmness he had never experienced.

He stared at the girl sleeping on the bed. That innocent face captivated him as if she was a spell. But then, the spell broke when the image of his sister’s crying face flashed infront of his eyes. His childhood, his dysfunctional family made him believe that people wear masks of innocence but in reality they are demons, just the way this girl looked as innocent and pure as a dew drop but in reality she was a home wrecker, a mistress.

In a swift motion he caught her wrist and pulled her towards himself harshly causing her to wake up. She felt dizzy and tried to see who was there but her blur vision didn’t help her at all.

“who.. who are you ?” She managed to speak and the next second water was poured on her head.

Now she could see clearly but couldn’t recognise where she was and who this man was. All she remembered at the moment was that someone had hit her on her head and she had become unconscious.

The rage in this man’s eyes scared her timid heart and she feared more as all the possibilities of happenings that could occur with her flashed in her mind.

“Who.. are you ?” She repeated the same question and he pulled her towards him so harshly that she felt her wrist would break.

“Were you expecting someone else ? How does it matter who I am, when all that girls like you care about is money and pleasure ?” Shivaay spoke with utter disgust and she looked confused.

“Girls like you can do anything for money, right ? Be it being someone’s bed warmer for that ?” Shivaay spoke, only to recieve a tight slap across his face. The slap did nothing but elevated his anger.

“Who are you ? And why are you saying such things about me ? Why did you bring me here ?” Anika shouted with all her might. It took her everything in her so that she could speak without any fear.

“Oh ! You’re a good actress as well. But this facade of innocence isn’t going to work infront of me.” Shivaay said, twisting her one hand behind her back. The tears replaced the mask of bravery and she whimpered in pain.

“You’re mistaken, please listen to me once. I’m not what you think. I’m..” Anika tried to clear his misunderstanding about her but all in vain.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses. I’m not a fool who would believe whatever you say. It is Tej Singh Oberoi and men like him who may hear your nonsense, not me.” Shivaay fisted her hair and continued, “Girls like you love to create havoc in someone’s house to satisfy your greed, right ? Now I’ll destroy your life the same way, I’ll make your life hell. You’ll regret your deeds.” Shivaay threatened her and pushed her away with full force, making her head collide with the wall.

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