"Okay. You can go get change, I'll try to fix this dress". Namjoo said. "I'll try to call Jungkook to pick you up. Me and Jihyun have a lot of things to prepare for your wedding tomorrow". Namjoo said excitedly.

"Sure..". Lisa said, remains to stare the necklace.


After a few minutes long, waiting in the car and waited for Lisa to get out of the shop, finally she saw her stepped out of the shop and made her way to the other direction at a quick pace, leaving Jungkook in baffled.

Jungkook then steps out of the car almost immediately. "Lisa! Where are you going?!". He shouted to get her attention but not enough for her to hear. "Lisa?!". He shouted again and ran after her.

Lisa quickens her walk until her hand was grasped by Jungkook. "Mind telling me, what the hell's wrong with you?". Jungkook yelled causing her wriggles her wrist to let go of him.

"Let me go!".

"What's wrong with you?".

Lisa tries to get off of his grip but to no avail. "I needed to get away from everybody. That's it!".

"But why?".

"Just stop talking and let me go!".

"No. I am not going to stop until you tell me what's happening now!".

Lisa remains struggles with his grips causing him unable to control his waves of anger. "Lisa!". He yelled which loud enough for everyone to hear.

She then fed up and a tear left in her eyes. "I forgot okay?". She yelled back at him.

"You forgot what?".

"I forgot what it was like to have a family". She mumbled as Jungkook stared at her in softened. "I've been on my own since I was seventeen. I forgot what it felt like to have people love you and make you breakfast and give you necklaces! And you have all that here, and you have Rosé, and I'm just screwing it up!".

"You're not screwing it up! I agreed to this and you were there, remember?". Jungkook said, staring directly through her eyes who tries to avert her gaze from him.

"Your family loves you. Do you know that?".

"Of course, I know that".

"You're willing to put them through this?". She yelled, finally makes eye contact with Jungkook.

"They're not gonna find out!".

"How do you know?".

"Because you said so yourself, Lisa!". He yells.

She raked her hair. "But what if your mother found out...". She said, pacing back and forth.

"It's gonna be fine". He reassured her.

"She's gonna have a heart attack!".

Jungkook instantly grabs her shoulders to bring her attention back to look him in the eyes. "Lisa, you better listen to me! It's gonna be fine. They would not gonna find out unless you told them so!". He explained and Lisa's eyes already filled with tears. "Please, calm down".

Lisa couldn't hold back her tears and let it dripped down on her damp cheeks.

Jungkook remain to stare at her while she let out her soft sobs.

Watching her crying infront of him, Jungkook can't help and sympathy toward her. He then pulling her into a hug and let her cry on his shoulder.


Stepping out of the car, Lisa and Jungkook make their way to the house.

To their unknown, Jimin stood at the front door while staring both of them. "I want to talk to both of you". Jimin says, as soon as Lisa and Jungkook arrive at the front door. "Mom and dad even Noona never hear about any of this except me". He stated and made his way inside the living room.

Jungkook and Lisa exchange a worried look before following Jimin from behind.

"Told you I'd check up on you".

A familiar voice coming from the living room and both of them turn to where the direction is and saw Ryo approaches them with a smugs on his face.

Jungkook and Lisa look at each other then turning to Jimin.

"What did you do?". Jungkook muttered through his gritted teeth.

"I got a phone call from Ryo here, who told me that if you were lying and he strongly believes that you are, he would send you to prison. So I flew him up here". Jimin explains, turning to Ryo.

"Jimin". Jungkook sighed.

"Luckily for you, your brother negotiated a deal on your behalf". Ryo said, causing Jungkook glares at Jimin. "Now this offers gonna last for twenty seconds, so listen closely. You're gonna make a statement admitting this marriage is a sham or you gonna go to prison. You tell the truth, you're off the hook and she's going to go back to Australia". He stated with a recorder in his hand.

"Well, then take the deal". Jimin said, having eye contact with Jungkook.

"I don't think so". Jungkook said.

"Don't be stupid, Jungkook".

"You want a statement?". Jungkook askes as the anger-filled inside him. "Here's your statement. I've worked for Lalisa Jung for three years, six months ago. We started dating, we fell in love. I asked her to marry me and she said yes. I'll see you at the wedding". He stated through the recorder.

After he ended the statement, Jungkook grasped Lisa's hand and went upstairs without giving one last glance toward Jimin and agent Ryo.


Making their way inside the bedroom, Lisa takes a sit in her bed while Jungkook stands next to her. "So..". Lisa start. "You sure about this?". She asked as she looks up to him.

"Not really". Jungkook started with a sigh.

"I mean, I am very appreciative of what you've done, but I think that一".

"You'd do the same for me, right?". He interjected.

Lisa looked up at him and slowly nodded her head.

After that, both of them sharing a moment with each other which she thought, this is going to be her last day in Busan.

To be continued on chapter 11一

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