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Before walking up to the house, Namjoo and Jihyun walk out of the house as soon as both Jungkook and Lisa steps up to the house. "Oh, there she is". Namjoo said, gently pulling Lisa toward them.

"Not to worry, Lisa. There's no more Romeo and Juliet. We're promise". Jihyun said earning an awkward giggles from Lisa. "Let's go". She said and both Namjoo and Jihyun dragging her away from Jungkook.

"Where did you guys going?". He asked before the three of them get inside the car.

"It's girl stuff. You'd hate it". Namjoo replied.

Lisa looked at Jungkook with pleading eyes. She hope that she would get away from them as soon as possible.

After the three of them get inside the car, the car has now gone from his sights, leaving him alone and a small smile appeared on his lips.


Lisa already stood inside the small tailor's shop who remains hidden behind the curtain, trying on Namjoo's wedding dress.

"My mother made this dress by hand. In this very shop, in 1945". Namjoo stated, waiting for Lisa to come out from the changing room.

"Don't worry about the fit, Lisa, because mother is the best tailor in Busan". Jihyun said, earning a smiles from Lisa who listened to their story.

Not long after, Lisa emerges out from the changing room, earning a speechless looks on Namjoo and Jihyun faces. Her white long laces sleeves with V-neck, long Chiffon gown caught their attention. To much Namjoo surprise, Lisa wore much more better than her since wedding a long time ago.

"It's beautiful". Lisa commented, admiring herself in the long-length mirror while trailing her finger through her white long gown.

"Stunning". Jihyun added while enthralled with the dress Lisa's wore.

"Now, just one special touch and you're ready". Namjoo said before reached over for the emerald stone necklace from the jewellery box, wearing it around Lisa's neck causing her to gasp.

"It's beautiful, but I don't really think I一".

"I'm not finished". Namjoo interjected her softly. "Jihyun, why don't you make us some tea". She said, earning a nods from her daughter.

"I really can't take this一". Lisa said, feeling overwhelmed with love.

"I don't want to hear it". Namjoo said. "You should take it. You are also part of our family, Lisa".

Lisa shook her heads while staring her reflection in the mirror. She fiddles her emerald stone necklace while trying to hold back her tears. She feels grateful to have this family and feeling welcomed.

"Are you alright?". Namjoo asked softly.

"I'm fine...". Lisa replies, trying to hold back her tears. "I, I can't wait to wear this dress..". She added.

"You're gonna be beautiful, Lisa".

Lisa nods her head and put up a forces smile, trying to get rid off her emotional.

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