1. Struggles

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Hlo darlings


In the whole wide world, in billions of cities, there is a city, Mumbai. This place is the city of dreams for millions of people. People struggle here, to achieve their dreams and it is said, the one who tries is the one who wins.

And there she is, whose struggles are increasing with every bit of the air she is inhaling. A tiny part of her struggles always questions her, whether they will be paid or not ? But she always manages to shush them all.

She walked through the dark, silent street where no one could be seen or heard except the distant voice of barking of stray dogs or occasional passing of any vehicle. She clutched her worn bag tightly, to suppress her fear of darkness and the fear of facing a stranger who may be a beast in disguise of a human.

As she entered the street where her house was located, she breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off her forhead. She entered the house with a tiny hope in her heart that someone would come and pass a smile to her.

"Finally ! Look who's here ? Why have you come so early, Anika Ji ? You could have come when we would have died of hunger." Neelam burst out at her without giving her a chance to speak.

"Chachi I had to walk..."

"I don't want to hear your excuses. Do you even work whole day or just keep inventing new excuses to get rid of the work ?" Neelam didn't let Anika explain that she had no money to travel by an auto and had to walk till here.

"Now go and prepare the dinner." Neelam said and left towards her room and Anika went towards the kitchen to prepare food, ignoring her tears. It had become her routine but still, she couldn't help expecting something good everytime and it gives her nothing but pain.

Her feet were throbbing with pain as the whole day she couldn't sit even for a minute. Her first shift at the bar as a waitress starts at 3Am, she goes to the cafe as a baker at 9Am, then again, at 7pm her shift at bar starts again and finally ends at 10pm. She used to work as a baker but her Chacha ji asked her to take up the job of the bar waitress because it offered more money. Anika agreed just for the sake of her Dadi. But I'm doing all of this, she lost herself, she lost the respect she had in her eyes for herself. She feels disgusted when some drunkard call her as a waitress and tries to misbehave with her.

She served the food to her Chacha-Chachi and left towards her Dadi's room which was her abode for the remaining three hours before her next shift. She stared at her dadi's sleeping figure and she chuckled sadly.

"Dadi, you were my only support, the one who used to love me, then why did you do this to me ? I come here daily, with a gone to get a warm hug and to hear a few soothing words from your mouth. But all you do is to let me cry and plead. I need you Dadi. I love you. I'm missing you. Please get up, Dadi." Anika said while holding Savitri's hand.

She didn't realise when she slept afterall, she had noone whose lap is awaiting for her to keep her head in it. Noone is there to protect her from the harshness of this world. Noone is there for her to wipe away her tears.


The black Mercedes sped towards the big mansion ignoring all the hustle and bustle of the city. He had no idea about the outside world as he was busy reading the files regarding his upcoming project that would take his grandfather's business to new heights of success.

For him, nothing matters more than his family and business. His day starts with his family and with a purpose to keep them happy and ends with the same.

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