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Idol, Roy faces major backlash after pushing and yelling at fan!

We can all say that Idol, Choi Roy aka Royal Roy has had an very upsetting day

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We can all say that Idol, Choi Roy aka Royal Roy has had an very upsetting day. From a major sasaeng crisis to pushing fan, and breaking a phone. We say, Roy had a pretty shitty day!

Before we get into all the backlash, we have to talk about a very important re-occuring issue that should've already been taken care of by Bighit. It turns out that BigHit knew about this crazy fan. How? Roy's unidentified Sasaeng, who is suspected to be 21 year old, Dove Hims [investigation ongoing.] Had been seen creeping around the groups hotel so she could later follow the group, the girl [sasaeng] even sent out a warning to the company saying how she could not wait to see Roy at the airport.

However they still aloud Roy to bored the flight at that airport. They were not thinking about the Roy's safety, but they did later send personal security to the airport. Whether Police or BigHit have caught the mysterious [dangerous] sasaeng is still unknown.

BTS along with their management and staff had to push through the numerous crowding fans, being alone and with little staff it was a bit harder to protect the idols. Especially the youngest, Roy. In so, one fan caught the Idol's interest. After frequently coming 'too close', pulling Roys arms and even making marks on the young idol, Roy got frustrated and 'let's her anger out' on the fan. Roy was seen pushing the fan softly at first. When the fan didn't want to let go, The idol resorted in pushing her more aggressively, as well as tossing the fans phone at of her face.

The fan fell and she did get a good shouting from Roy. What Roy said was not too clear [It was in her thick Australian accent] but netziens deciphered it to be something of: "fucking stop." Or just "You need to stop." Whether Roy used a swear word was not confirmed but fans around the area claim that she did. However At the moment, the comments and Backslash on Choi Roy is not good.

A lot of netizens say that she should of handled the situation better and that there is no excuse for the type of behavior that she displayed towards the fan.

"I don't understand how this could happen, the fan wasn't even bothering her."

"It wasn't that bad! She shouldn't have touched her nor tell her off."

"I get that she was all in her personal space. But that shouldn't mean that Roy should just curse and shove the girl!"

Netziens say. Since the incident, Roy nor BigHit has spoken of the incident as of yet.

Let's hope this was a one time thing that will never happen again. It seems that it wasn't only the fan who was affected by the situation, as Roy was seen walking towards the plane tearing up. What are your thoughts?

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