5 - Stitches

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I closed my eyes for awhile and breathed in the smell of nature that surrounded my body. It was nice to be outside where you can just relax and finally breathe, it was a feeling that I didn't want to end.

After 15 minutes of enjoying my surroundings I heard the familiar deep chuckle and felt someone getting closer to me, "There you are, I've been running around the school all over for you."

Looking for me? I couldn't believe such things, I didn't want to believe that he cared for me just a little. I didn't want to get my hopes up for someone caring about me only for it to get crushed and thrown away like trash.

I let out a hum of acknowledgement and continued breathing in nature. "How long has Holly been like that to you?" He asked after a moment of silence.

I bit my lip, "A year now," I whispered.

I felt him snap his neck to me, "A year? A year and you haven't done anything to stop it?" He asked in frustration.

I sighed and rubbed my bruised cheek, "Axel, it's none of your concern."

"Like hell it is! Look, April, I may not know you that well but I saw you fucking limping in the hallway! Did she do that to you?" He yelled.

I opened my eyes and furrowed my eyebrows but he couldn't see it. Is he really asking me if Holly caused this limp in my leg? Does he really care?

"She didn't do it-"

"Don't fucking lie to me April! Tell me the truth," he growled.

Truth, yeah, I was telling you the truth Axel...

" I'm telling you the truth Axel, please leave me alone," I said quietly.

I heard him let out a huff and relax against the bleachers. Why was he so concerned for me? He doesn't have to be, yet he is. I'm starting to not believe those mean rumors people have said about Axel, the ones where they say he doesn't care about anyone. If I weren't so bruised up and injured, I'd think Axel is worried for me.

"Then who did?" He breathed out.

I shook my head and Axel got up quickly, "WHO THE FUCK DID IT APRIL?!" he yelled.

I stayed silent and looked at my injured leg. I had wrapped it up well since the bandages weren't visible through my jeans, and my hoodie covered up my bandaged stomach so that part I didn't have to worry about.

I didn't know why he was being so protective of me, I mean if anybody else were listening to our conversation they'd think I'm a whore for attention. I never actually thought of myself as a whore until Jack came into my life, he treated me like some girl he picked up around the corner.

"Answer me April," he said quieter, but you can still hear the anger in his voice. I shook my head and he quickly walked away before mumbling, "I can't believe this shit."

As much as I wanted to tell him, as much as I wanted to tell anybody, I can't. I've done it all; telling a teacher, trying to call a relative, and even the police. And all of them came down to one solution: Nothing.

Merideth pays them all off and tells them to never speak of my exclaims again. It's terrible, I know, but ever since I tried with the police, I haven't tried again.

I rubbed my knees softly before getting up, and let me tell you, it was harder than it looked. My ribs were still broken, my bruises were numbing my body, and it was really hard for me to balance on my own two feet. I felt completely and utterly paralyzed.

I walked back towards the school as steady as I could and popped another two painkillers in my mouth along the way. I was going to get through this school day with a limp or not, and I didn't care who would come along the way.

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