Chapter Thirty Five

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Annabelle's POV

I had no idea how much time had passed since I last saw anyone other than Xavier. We were both starving by now and were desperate for a glass of water but we unfortunately hadn't been given any, if we stayed here for much longer I'm not sure how much longer we were going to last.

Xavier has tried to be as supportive and positive as he could but I could tell he was also struggling, not only with the hunger and dehydration but also with his injuries. That last beating he took was a pretty harsh one and with the silver going into his system he wasn't healing properly.

I couldn't wait for Jax for much longer, if I wanted to save everyone I had to do what the scent double said, but how could I say the words that would forever rip me from Jax?

"Oh little Annabelle" I heard someone sing from the other side of the door and I immediately tensed up, it was the scent double.

The door suddenly swung open after it had been unlocked and I shrunk back as the fluorescent light came flooding into our nearly pitch black cell, burning my eyes.

"It's time to make your decision little Annabelle" the scent double smirked as he came and crouched in front of me. "What's it to be, death for everyone or sever your ties with your precious little mate?"

I stuttered as I looked up into his eyes. They were pure black with a ring of red around the pupil and they terrified me to my very core, I've never seen eyes like them.

"I-I Umm..." was all I could manage to get out as I sat frozen in my spot on the cold wet ground.

The man before me sighed before dropping his head slightly in exasperation. "Sebastian!" He suddenly shouted, making me jump out of my skin "guard the door" he said to the bulky man that now stood behind him "me and little Annie here are going to go on a little field trip".

I frowned, confused by his words. Where the hell could we be going?

The scent double pulled a pair of what looked like heavy duty gloves out of his pocket before reaching over to the wall above me and pulled the chains that were connected to me out of the wall. Well he made that look easy.

Without warning be suddenly pulled me to my feet and started dragging me to the door and past Sebastian. I took one last look at a passed out Xavier before turning back and looking where I was going.

"Where are we going" I whispered, afraid to make noise in the almost silent stone corridor.

The scent double chuckled but didn't answer me so I just focused on trying to keep up with him.

"What's your name by the way?" I'm not sure where this bravery came from but for some reason I didn't feel as afraid as I used to about talking to strangers.

The scent double chuckled again but this time did answer with a simple "Matthew".

Hu, so the scent doubles name was Matthew, well at least now I didn't have to keep calling him the scent double.

Matthew carried on pulling me for a few more seconds before he suddenly stopped at a closed door and turned to face me with an evil glint in his eye. "I think it's time for a grand family reunion, don't you think so?"

I didn't have time to think about what he said because before I could blink I was thrown into the room, landing on my hands and knees with a thud.

"I thought it was time to finally come face to face with the two people you've been longing to see since you were a little girl" Matthew said as he walked past me and proceeded to pull the hoods off of two figures that were tied up to chairs in front of me.

They were bound and gagged with bruises, cuts and dirt covering the, but even if I hadn't recently seen them in a dream of mine I still would have recognised them anywhere... my parents.

I sat there frozen on the floor for a second, not knowing how to react to it all but I quickly recovered as I started to get up and ran over to them. I didn't make it very far though as Matthew stood on the chains that were trailing behind me, making sure I couldn't reach them. I hissed at the pain of the silver digging into my skin but I ignored it as I looked over at my mum and dad.

They were facing away from each other and about a foot apart but their heads were both turned in my direction, pain and desperation written clear as day in their facial expressions.

"Mummy" I whispered in desperation as tears leaked out of my eyes, "Daddy?"

"Aww...what a heart wrenching moment, all the family back together again" Matthew said in a sickly sweet voice. He took the chains back into his hands before he dragged me to the other side of the room, away from my parents, and secured me to the wall.

Matthew then proceeded to circle around my parents a few times before looking up at me from across the room with the most evil glint in his eyes, the red more pronounced then I had even seen it before.

"It would be a shame if someone were to... ruin it" and before I could blink he punched my dad square in the jaw, knocking his head back.

I screamed as I watched him do this over and over again but it only made him hit them more. He alternated between my mum and my dad, torturing them in ways I could never unsee. My voice had gone horse from the amount of screaming I had done and tears had drenched my cheeks and the neckline of my shirt.

"I'll do anything... please just stop hurting them" I sobbed as my legs finally gave out on me and I crumbled to the floor.

Matthew suddenly stopped and make his way over to me, blood covering his knuckles as he forced my chin up so I could look him in the eyes. I cringed at the sight of them so close to me but stopped myself, not wanting to anger him further.

"Reject your mate and announce me as your chosen mate, then I will let them go" he growled, looking more feral than human.

I took a second to long in answering him for his liking as he raised his hand and quickly brought it down agains my cheek, effectively splitting my lip open and bruising my cheek in the process. I let out a whimper at the pain but managed to keep most of it in, I had gone through much worse at the Leftens.

"O-Okay" I whispered as I collapsed back into the ground, all the fight I had left in my gone. "I'll do it".

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