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when colton jameston, the one person on the entire planet ian manes can't stand, decides to hitch a ride with his brothers on their annual camping trip, he's less then impressed. but his plan to stay away and blur cole into the background altogether are dashed when his brother suggests they make the five hour car journey...together.

you guys remember Murphy's Law right? it's my only lgbt book atm, and i've been wanting to rewrite it for the longest time since it doesn't centre Murphy or Micheal's sexuality as much as i'd like it to. but the more i think about it, the more unappealing rewriting a story that i really like becomes. so instead i've decided to write a more exclusively lgbt+ book instead. this one will be a side project and will get few and inconsistent updates, but the idea of writing a fun and easy going book has been killing me for the longest time. i hope you enjoy this one! can't wait to share it with you. 

oh and, uh, happy pride!

lots of love 

p l a y l i s t 

love is madness ; halsey + 30 seconds to mars

if i can't have you ; shawn mendes

slow dancing ; ed sheeren 

lost in japan ; shawn mendes

dancing with a stranger ; sam smith + normani

young blood ; 5SOS

fetish ; selena gomez

tell me you love me ; demi lovato

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