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Jungkook POV
This is the day we're going to start my suggestion. Fuck I'm getting nervous about this, I don't know what to do shit. I didn't even date someone since when I was in high school coz I'm still waiting for Lisa.


"Hey are you okay?." Lisa asked.

"Ye-yeah." I stuttering said.

"I'm not forcing you to do this kook." she said while scrolling down the post at the Instagram.

"What do you mean?." I asked while looking at her.

"It's obvious that you're nervous, stop pretending that you're not." she said and she look at me.

"Nah I'm not, we will continue this." I said and she nodded.

"We're here now Ms. Manoban." her driver said.

We went outside of the car and we enter the hospital.

"Btw, I'll change this hospital name." she said while walking.

"Why?." I asked and she stop and face me.

"Because, I'm the owner idiot." she said and roll her eyes on me.

"Tss, Act like my girlfriend and I'll act like your ideal type boyfriend." I said and she smile.

When she's at her office, I always flirt at her and yeah she did that to me too. I can't stop blushing.

And I always saw Jennie, she's always giving me an death glare, and it's scary.

"Hey Lisa, She's Jealousing." I said and she laugh at me.

"Shut up." she quickly change her mood.

We went at the cafeteria and we sit near to Jennie's Table.

"Baby, Say ahh." I said and she did it, fuck she's so freaking cute.

"Hmm, i didn't know that sashimi is good." she cutely said.

"Hahaha ikr, that's my favourite food remember?, even its look like gross raw food, it's good when you taste it." I said and she smile, then I saw an piece of grass near to her lips.

"You have dirt on your face." I said and she looks for it.

"Here?." she said.

"No, Left." I said and look for left.

"Here?." she said, I sigh and I stand up.

I pick that piece of grass near to her lips and she suddenly hide her face on me.

"Here." I said and I put it on her hand.

"Th-thanks."she stuttering said.

"Are you okay?. "I asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. "she said and she continue to eat.

"Okay, BTW y-" someone came at our table and she poured the water on my head. And she slap her hands on our table.

I stand up and I look at my long sleeve, fuck my long sleeve is wet now. I look who poured the water on me and I saw Jennie, she's freaking mad at me.

Then she throw my food at my fucking long sleeve. I got shock in what she did to me.

"What the fuck are you doing Chief Kim, are you insane huh!" Lisa yelled then she went at me, she pick an tissue paper on her bag and she wipe the dirt on my long sleeve.

"Are you okay?." she asked.

"Yes I am." I coldly said.

Then I saw how shock all of the people at the cafeteria in what Jennie did to me..

"Chief!, are you insane." a bunny person said then she went over me.

"I'm very sorry in what Chief did, please forgive her." she apologies.

I ignore her and I walk out. Then Lisa come over me.

While I'm walking, Lisa keep apologising on me. I stop and I face her.

"Lisa it's fine." I said and I hug her. "Isn't fault, don't blame yourself." I said.

I push her and I left her.

Lisa POV
I went at the cafeteria and I look for Jennie.

When I saw her, I grab her arm and I brought her to the rooftop.

"Li-Lisa." she stuttering said.

"Don't call me like that, I'm your boss remember?." I coldly said and I look at her.

"You need to leave this hospital now." I straightly said and I was going to leave but she grab my arm.

"Why?, because in what I did?." she said, I didn't answer her.

"I know you guys want me to get jealous right?, Lisa I'm already fucking jealous, because I still love you." she said.

"Tss." I said.

"It's true Lisa, so tell me, why are you acting like you really like him already for one day?." she asked.

"Because I love him, It's been 19 years before I met him again."i said and I suddenly felt my tears flowing.

"L-" I cut her off.

"Before I meet him again, you fix my broken heart, I fall on you, I gave all of my love on you but you can't give it all to me back, coz you don't really love me......."

"...... And you leave me like how he did to me, Jennie I gave all of my time and love on you but you can't love me back, when he came back, I felt it again. "I said and I saw her cried.

"Lisa, sorry if I didn't make you feel the love you wants, I leave you because there's a reason." she said.

"So tell me, what is it, I want to hear everything Jennie, please tell me everything, I want an explanation Jennie." I said and I cry harder.

"Lisa, I can't tell you." she cowardly said.

"See, your lying, if you really love me Jennie, you can tell everything on me." I said and I leave her alone.

"Fuck, I don't know if what will i follow, my heart or my brain."

Jungkook POV
I heard everything Lisa's said and Jennie's said. She totally inLove with me since we're child but I think, I already messed up their relationship so bad.

I hate myself, I ruined their relationship so bad, I think I need to something now.

I need to go far away from Lisa, I want to sacrifice my love for her happiness.

But before I go, I need to help Jennie, I want Lisa to forgive her, and I want Jennie to let Lisa forget about everything on me.

"I really love you Lisa, but I need to do this even it's hurt."

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