No Way Out...Part 16

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*Trina's POV*

I glared at Kayla. She looked away from me. I grabbed her by under the chin and turned her head so that she can look at me. "You and Nick what?" I asked. "Nick and I kissed, it just happened!" Kayla cried. I pat her back. "It's ok Kayla, calm down" I said in a calm way. She took a deep breath and let it out. "You and Nick kissed, it's ok, don't be worrying about it" I said. "But I actually liked the kiss" Kayla said. I sighed and said "Kayla, we don't have time to talk about this, we have to find Rose before Zak does, now come on". I grabbed her hand and dragged her up the stairs with me.

Nick and Aaron were standing in the middle of the hallway. They both looked at us. Nick looked at Kayla, with concern. "Are you ok?" Nick asked. "Yes, I'm fine" Kayla said without looking at him. Aaron said "wait a minute, stay quite for a second". It was dead silence, until we heard a chuckle. "Is that Zak?" I asked. No one answered me. We heard the chuckle again, but it sounded like a female chuckle.

"That sounded like a girl chuckling" Kayla said. "And in deed your right" we heard a female voice say. Nick, Aaron, Kayla and I were looking around and we couldn't see the woman that was talking to us. Who is this woman?

*Rose's POV*

I ran up the stairs and into my old bedroom. I was holding onto the emerald really tightly to make sure i don't lose it. I looked around the room. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Rose..." I heard Zak's voice say in a creepy, scary way. I gasped and hid underneath the bed. I didn't move.

I heard footsteps coming into the room. I watched as the feet walked around the room, slowly. I wanted to scream for help. I wanted to scream for help. Where is Kayla, Trina, Nick and the others?. The feet walked towards the bed. My eyes widened. I covered my mouth with my hand. I felt my heart race rapidly.

The feet started walking away from the bed, towards the door. I looked to my left. I don't know why I looked to my left. Nothing was too my life. I looked to my right, to see Zak with his black eyes and the venom flowing through his cheeks to his eyes. "Surprise" Zak said. I started screamed. I tried to crawl away from him but he pulled me out from under the bed. I kept screaming hoping someone will come and save me.

"Give me that emerald!" Zak growled. I held onto the emerald tightly. Zak wrapped his hands around my neck and started to choke me. I was still holding on to the emerald tightly. I swung my arm and punched Zak in the face. He fell onto the ground holding his nose. I got up and started running towards the door. I was suddenly pulled back by the hair and pinned against the wall. I screamed. The door slammed shut. I looked Zak. He looked up at me, smirked and disappeared.

I couldn't move. Whatever is holding me against the wall doesn't want to let me go. "Kayla! Trina!" I called out. I heard no answer. I struggled to push away from the wall. "Hello Rose" I heard a woman say. I froze. "Who said that?" I asked. A ball of white light appeared in the middle of the room. The ball started spinning slowly then went faster and faster until a lady wearing a dirty white nightgown appeared in my presents. I knew who she was. I didn't have to guess who it was. We haven't seen this women since before my grandad's murder. It was Paul's wife, Kimberly. That horrible nasty old bitch!

"Kimberly" I growled. "Paul and I knew all of you would get into trouble" Kimberly said smirking. "Why did Paul possess Zak?!" I snapped. Kimberly laughed and said "Paul is possessing Zak's body because Paul can easily walk around on this earth, kill more and more people". I looked at her with disgusts. "Where did you learn to become so evil?" I asked. She glared at me. "The world Rose, the world is evil, I always believed in Evil" Kimberly said. "Your one evil bitch! And your husband is one evil bastard!" I growled through my teeth. Kimberly smirked.

She walked over to the bed and sat down. "Of course I am" Kimberly said crossing her legs. I gave her the death glare. "Now, you, Kayla, Trina and Josie are Demons, you are part of Hell, you will return to Hell with Paul and I before sunrise" Kimberly said. I scoffed. "We are not Demon's and no way we're going to go to Hell with you two killers" I said shaking my head. Kimberly smile faded away and she started dead at me.

All of a sudden, I felt a sharp burning pain on my stomach. It was so painful. I started screaming bloody murder since it hurts so much. Kimberly let out a loud evil laugh. I kept screaming in pain until the pain loosened up a little bit. The door shot opened. I felt the pressure of being held against the wall was gone. Trina, Kayla, Nick and Aaron rushed in. "Rose! Are you alright?!" Kayla cried rushing over towards me and hugging me. I hugged her tightly and said "I'm fine Kayla".

That was scary. "What happened?" Nick asked. Lifted my shirt up and saw that I had three claw marks going across my stomach. "Oh my god! Who did this to you?" Trina asked. "Kimberly, Paul's wife" I answered and pulled down my shirt. Kayla and Trina looked at each other. "Great! Now Kimberly is just as strong as Paul" Trina said. Aaron said "what did Kimberly say to you?". "She told me that Trina, Kayla, Josie and I were Demons and before sunrise, I'll be going to Hell with them" I said. Nick said "we can't let that happen, we already lost Jay, we can't lose anyone else". "Let's go find the key and the others so that we can tell them what's happening" Aaron said.

We all agreed and started walking towards the door. "Wait a minute, where's the emerald?" Kayla asked. I searched through my pockets and pulled it out. "I got it" I said showing them that it's in my hands. They all sighed. We walked out of the room. This mission is becoming way too impossible. What if we don't make it? It's scary for us all but we have to stop Paul and Kimberly before the sunrise, or else we'll be going to Hell...


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