Living Again~ Seventeen

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I looked at my new room. It was amazing. I had no words to describe how good I felt after we were finished with it. I thanked Ethan a million times, it was his idea after all. We did as we had planned a few days ago. It was light purple except for the one wall which had my bed against it, that one was a deep bold purple. The wall in front of that was my favourite part. He had told me that I can leave some space for 'random stuff' like grafitti. So I decided to put up loads of pictures, starting from when I was in diapers to one I just took yesterday with Ethan. 

The photo memories section covered about a third of the wall. All the pictures were in the middle and on either sides of them, Ethan had done some beautiful abstract art for me. It was just too beatiful. I would love to just sit here all day. Which is what we did after the two days of hard work. 

"Wow. It's awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I hugged him tightly. 

He laughed, "You're welcome. Anytime, any place, anything. I'll do it."

I rolled my eyes, "Dramatic, much?"

He smirked, "Let's show it to Claire and Joe."

They gasped when they saw it, obviously impressed by Ethan's work. As much as I loved my room, I knew I couldn't stay here for much longer. Summer was ending and when school started, I'd have to go back to living in the dorms. I sighed.

"What's wrong?" Ethan asked. We were lying on my bed facing the ceiling. 

"I have to leave this place. Summer ends in two days, then I won't see this lovely room often."

"You know, you can always visit during the weekends. Your house is pretty nearby to the school."

"But it's not the same thing."

He sighed, "Why do you live in the dorms again? Because I really don't want you near Rebecca, I don't trust her guts."

That brought on another wave of sorrow. The last thing I wanted to see was Rebecca's face every morning. I groaned in frustration. "They sent me to live in school because I wasn't coping well when I was here, I used to cry all the time because the way they treated me reminded my of my parents."

He stood up. Grabbed my hand. Dragged me to the living room where Joe and Claire were watching T.V, then said to them, "Marissa needs to talk to you."

"What is it Marissa?" Joe asked, concerned at Ethan's serious tone.

"Oh it's I was just wondering that you know, since summer is ending.. I'll be going back to living in school..and uh.." I hadn't realise he was still holding my hand until he squeezed it gently, encouraging me to go on. I blurted it all out after that, "I'm fine now, I don't need to stay there anymore, I'm fine with living with you guys. So.. um.. can I stay here? If you don't mind?"

"Of course you can!" Claire chimed, obviously delighted. "We would love to have you here permanently, Marissa!"

"Yes, you're more than welcome." Joe added.

I grinned widely, "Really?"

They nodded and I gave each of them a hug. I realised that if I left, I wouldn't just miss my room, I would miss my new family: Claire and Joe. They might not be my parents, but they were the closest thing to it I has left and I was going to cherish that.

When we got back to my room, Ethan handed me a piece of paper. I unfolded it and and there it was, my summer list. He had written it out very carefully. I knew this would have taken him a lot of effort because of the dysgraphia that he suffered from. Writing words out was not easy for him, but he did it.

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