4 - Limp

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"You like that don't you slut?"

I whimpered as he continued touching all over my body, only saving the best for last.

"Stop, touching me," I huffed as I kept squirming from under him.

"Now now, you wouldn't want a-" he slapped my ass and I yelped at the sting, "- punishment, now do you April?"

I continuously tried pushing him off of my body but he was too big, my strength was fading away, it was useless.

I'm useless...

My eyes shot open wide and I looked around frantically for any sign of Jack, but he wasn't there. I was unfamiliar with my surroundings but then remembered what happened last night, and just by the thought of it made me jump out of the bed and grab my things quickly. The rain had stopped and the moon was still out but I didn't care, I needed to leave here as soon as possible.

I quickly got out a pen and paper and wrote Axel a note saying I was thankful for letting me stay here and for making sure I wasn't hurt, and then I dashed down the hallway. I quietly ran down the stairs while I held onto my stomach and ran with a limp down the street and back to my house.

Almost... almost....

I stopped in front of the gates and silently made my way up to the front door and took out my keys. I heard the familiar click of it opening and I creeped my way in, the only sound being heard was the door creaking.

I closed the door silently behind me before the lights suddenly flickered on and Merideth stood in the foyer with a robe. She crossed her arms over her fake breasts and stalked towards me with narrowed eyes, "Where were you?"

My mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water but my senses came back to me once I was slapped across the cheek, "Where the fuck were you?!" She yelled.

"He wouldn't let me go home because of the storm," I whimpered quietly as I rubbed my cheek.

She scoffed and shook her head unconvinced, "You still think I was born yesterday you fucking slut?! You think I didn't know you were having your way with him? Huh?!" She yelled as she started punching me.

I saw red cover my eyes and it was no doubt my own blood. My body grew weaker and black spots swarmed my vision as I fell to the floor, turning numb with every kick she sent me.

After a couple of minutes she finally stopped, but I actually couldn't tell with how paralyzed my body was as I lay on the tile floor. Tears threatened to spill but even when I feel this weak, I'm never letting them drip.

I watched as Merideth came back in with something in her hand, but with how dazed I felt I couldn't tell what it was. Then it hit me- no, not hit, through me.

My body jolted up and my lips pursed together, trying to hold my screams in. She twisted it inside of my leg but I didn't once let out a sound, not even a whimper.

She held the blade up to my face and examined it in awe, "You remember this when you ever, and I mean ever, think about skipping dinner again."

She glided it down the side of my stomach and I hissed from the sting. It felt like forever until she pulled away, and I knew I was dripping blood by the way my hands were basically smothered in it.

"Get this mess cleaned up and get breakfast started soon. Don't you dare miss it again," she growled as she walked away.

How could my life get any worse? With how everybody sees me, with how I make everybody feel, does it really get any better? Are my grades worth anything if nobody can actually be proud of me for them? Is my constant self- encouragement not enough for me to keep going? Is my life really worth living if all I do is make everyone angry at me? What was all of this surviving for? What was the fucking point?

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