Seventeen: Lies & Confusion, Pain & Illusions

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Chapter Seventeen : Lies & Confusion, Pain & Illusions.

Everything isn't making sense. My head is spinning and everything is blurry. I heard so many voices but this particular one is a scream.

"Please ! Please ! " The voice begged . Her shouts were repeated and was drilling into my head like a siren. I tried to focus my vision but everything was fogged up. I saw a white blur but that was it.

"Help me ! Anybody "

I heard a malicious laugh repeated in my head and the voice was muffled into screams of terror.

I tried to speak but I couldn't. My mouth wasn't connecting to my brain and the words were slurred. It wasn't making sense.

Then I heard a high pitched scream but it goes. My vision came back but I wish it didn't because what O saw haunted me.

I saw a small bloody baby loosing its life before my eyes. It was so fast my mind couldn't comprehend what I had just seen.

I saw a man with green eyes.

"Look's who's in my kingdom"

I woke up sweating and breathing uncontrollably .

Another dream.

Yet it was the same scenario.

I covered my face with my hands trying to forget what I could but I simply couldn't.

It was branded into my brain.

But why do these dreams keep recurring ?

The whispers slowly continued.

There were so many voice. Some high pitches, many low. They were saying so many things. So forigen but only one made sense to ne

"Outside is the answer, The key to your mystery" The scratchy voice whisperd into my eardrum.

"The key to my mystery" I said to myself.

Without thinking I walked out of the room. The house was pitch black and dark. A sharp pain was pounding in my head yet I ignored it.

I needed to know what was going on once and for all.

The voices continued to say things. There were mad laughs and soft cries but there was still the same scratchy voice that kept repeating itself.

"Outside is the answer, Key to your mystery, follow the darkness. Outside is the answer, Key to your mystery , Follow the darkness" The scratchy voice became hoarse.

As soon as I opened the cold handle I was outside. I was truly outside. Not in that stuffy wooden cabin.

I could leave.

The chilly night's breeze blew against my naked thighs as I smiled contagiously . I laughed madly loving the feeling of the wind.

"I've gone mad" I laughed to myself. "I'm free ! I'm free !" I laughed loudly running towards the dark path.

I had no idea where I was going but I knew I was out of that home. That was what was keeping me happy.

I spun around laughing, ignoring the pricks of the bushes and the spiky nettles against my barefoot . I didn't care if I caught hypothermia because I didn't wear a freaking jacket.

I was free.

I stopped walking and looked around. Darkness blinded my vision. I saw nothing but darkness. My breath hitched and my body felt itchy and agitated.

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