WARNING: This story contains numerous detailed disturbing scenes which may make readers feel uncomfortable. If you are sensitive to the topics on ghosts, spirits, blood, body mutilation, violence and death, I highly recommend you not to continue with the story.

Her body was awake except her eyes were still closed. Without opening them, she could imagine her surroundings. The sun’s rays would be peeking through the slits of the blinds, making her room light up just a bit. Her room would be organized just as she always kept it. On her left, there would be a side table where the digital clock displayed the time, a small lamp, her cell phone and a photo frame with a picture of her with her boyfriend.

Ashley Martin pulled her blanket closer to her body. She moved her long blonde hair out of her face and slowly opened her eyes. Her gaze fell on the clock: it was ten past nine. It next travelled on to the photo frame, she smiled to herself. Her boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson always brought a smile to her face. She couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend. He was always so funny, charming and caring. Ashley grabbed her phone lazily and saw there was a single text message from Louis. It read, “We’re all meeting up at the park at 11.” By we, Louis meant them both and their six other friends. Stephanie, one of their friends had some big news to tell all of them. She has asked them to meet up at the park so she could announce it.

Ashley sat up and rubbed her eyes. She wondered what the big news could be. Stephanie wasn’t much of a sharer of any kind of news. She always kept stuff to herself, not because she was shy, but due to not wanting people in her business. Ashley didn’t really get along with Stephanie. The eight of them were friends since high school, so they were close. But Ashley was never able to have a proper conversation with her. In fact, the only interaction they both would have was whenever Stephanie had to say something negative, but not offensive, about Ashley and she wasn’t strong enough to talk back. She always wondered how Stephanie and she were in the same friend circle. Then Ashley would remember it was because she and Niall, another friend of theirs, had a class together. From there, she randomly became her friend too. But Ashley kept her distance from Stephanie. She was thankful her other five friends were much better

Ashley got out of bed and went to the washroom to wash up. She decided to wear a blue t-shirt with a gray hoodie on top and black jeans. She brushed her hair and decided to leave it open. She had some breakfast and the time now was fifteen past ten. She left her house and walked down to the nearest bus stop. Her car was still at the mechanic getting a battery change. Ashley hadn’t taken the public transportation in a long time. As she waited for the bus, it felt odd. She would usually be in her car driving to her desired location without having to wait somewhere on the sidewalk with a couple of strangers around her. The awkward silence had come to an end once Ashley’s phone rang. It was Louis.


“Hey babe.” Louis’ cheerful voice made Ashley smile.


“Where are you at the moment?”

“I’m at the bus stop. My car’s still getting fixed remember?”

“Oh shit right! I’ll come and pick you up.”

Ashley smiled at Louis’ sweet gesture. “No it’s alright. I’ll meet you at the park. We don’t wanna get Stephanie pissed by arriving late.” she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Don’t worry about Steph.”

“By the way, why are we meeting up at the park? It’s so far from here.”

“I don’t know. Steph just told us to meet her there.”

“Smartass.” Ashley muttered.


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