Kiss me I hate you

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Over the following weeks, Chara and Anna busily worked on renovating their condo by day and worked the crowds at Jak's bar by night. They got into a routine of starting their housework just after breakfast and stopping around 4 pm for siesta time when they'd go to their favorite bar around the corner for sunset drinks. They would sometimes take a nap or read a book for a few hours, and get to the bar around 10 pm, usually finishing for the night around 3 or 4 am.

It was exhausting but fun.

One particular night, Chara's stomach was tied into a knot as she walked up to the bar with Anna. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about Mike all day, and it had put her in a terrible mood. She didn't know what she wanted, but she knew that she really, really didn't want to be here, working at a busy bar, tonight.

Chara considered asking for the night off but decided to try to shake it off. Maybe a shot will sort me out, she decided, pouring herself a shot of top-shelf rum, and downing it, before even doing stock check.

"Doing a shot without me?" Jak asked, coming up behind her and squeezing her hips. Slowly but surely, Jak had started being flirtier and flirtier with her, as if he'd forgotten what she'd said to him on the rocks that morning.

Chara--who was mid-shot--jumped and spilled half her shot down her front. She hadn't been expecting him. While usually, she found his advances annoyingly cute, tonight, in the mood she was in, she was just finding them straight up annoying. "Jak!" she whined, rolling her eyes. Can't he just back off for one night?

"Sorry! Here, let me get that," he offered helpfully, grabbing a cloth and wetting it under the tap.

"It's fine," Chara said flatly, taking the cloth from him and rubbing the wet spot on her chest.

Just then, a huge group of guys walked up to the bar. Great, just when I'd been hoping for a slow night, Chara thought, suppressing an eyeroll. She sighed, put on her best fake smile, and walked over to them.

"What can I getcha, guys?" She asked, pushing her tits out with her elbows as she leaned into them on the bar.

They stared shamelessly into her cleavage and muttered their orders.

About an hour later, two of the group approached the bar. One wore a backwards cap, and the other had an eyebrow piercing--just like Chara's ex, Mike.

"Hey so uhh, when do you finish for the night?" Backwards cap asked.

Chara smiled flirtatiously, as she did automatically when guys hit on her at the bar. It was her bartender's instinct. "Late," she answered simply with a wink.

Eyebrow piercing put his hands on the bar and leaned towards her confidently. "Well, how late? We wanted to see if you wanted to come to an afterparty?"

"An afterparty? Where?" Chara was simply curious because she was pretty sure she knew of all the events in the area, and there weren't any afterparties scheduled for tonight.

"At our resort," he answered with a cheeky smile.

Chara wrinkled her brow. "Where are you staying?"

Backwards cap nudged his friend excitedly.

"Down the beach," Eyebrow piercing answered, sliding her the business card of their resort. "Room number's on the back," he winked.

Just then, Jak grabbed her by the waist. She jumped again, startled. "Are these guys bothering you, Chara?" His eyes narrowed on the two men who stood in front of the bar.

"No, Jak. They're fine," Chara insisted, annoyed. It wasn't the first time Jak had jumped in when he'd seen other guys hitting on her--not anywhere close. Chara was sick of feeling like his property when the two of them were just friends. "They're just inviting me to an afterparty."

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