4-Painting a faint re-encounter

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Song of the chapter: Catch my breath by Kelly Clarkson

Sky's P.O.V

When we entered I inhaled the familiar scent of coffee and old book pages. Many of the people that came here where either people that wanted to read or hipsters. I ran to my table. I sat at my usual spot and waited for everyone to come. When I saw Finn; I remembered when I caught him staring at me. And I had felt a faint blush in my cheeks. Damn his good looks. Wait, he isn't good looking!?

Keep telling yourself that...

Oh shut up conscience. I hate it when it's right.

While all of them came back with our drinks; Finn sat in front of me. I crossed my arms and smirked. He's eyes squinted. I scowled.

"Can I help you?" I told him sarcastically. He shrugged.

"Why do you hate me so much?" He asked. I actually don't know why I dislike him so much.

"I don't hate you....I just happen to dislike you so much its almost at the borderline to hate." I explained. He chuckled.

"You sure are something Skyler Thompson. But I plan on knowing why you hate me....eventually." He said to me most determinedly.

"Keep telling yourself that." Collin said as he wheeled next to me.

"Her lips are sealed. It took me a year to figure her out." He said his faint British accent ringing. Finn's lightbulb turned bright.

"Wait, are you British Collin?" He asked him. I bursted flat out laughing. Like, literally exploded. Athena and Lennon were snickering, while Collin was chuckling.

"That I am. Came here when we were in sixth grade. They moved my mum from work over here to the states. See m'parents are separated so my mum came here with me and my dad stayed over there with my sister Paulette. Although my accent is fading." He explained to him. I still remember the day he came to our school.

Flash Back

The sixth grade class of NorthWater Middle School was a complete ruckus. Mrs. Walters; a chubby short substitute teacher did not know how to control this class. I sat at the back with Athena, Lennon and Maddie. I was staring at Finn McMullen. Boy was he handsome. He was talking to Alan Cartridge. I loved how his eyes lit up when he laughed. How his black hair was slightly messy. I had just moved here three months ago from New York. It was a fare trade of scenery that I could paint. Skyscrapers to forests and lakes. Athena and Lennon were making kissy faces and kiss noises and were snickering. I turned around and saw them staring at me.

"What?" I asked innocently. Athena and Lennon looked at each other and started laughing.

"I love you Finny!" Lennon said in my type of voice. Maddie's head snapped towards us and smirked.

"You like Finn?" She asked.



Athena,Lennon and myself said a bit to loudly for my liking. I sent both of them a glare and they just shrugged in return.

"I can talk to him if you'd like?" Maddie said. Athena and Lennon nodded while I shook my head. She stood up and walked up to Finn. They seemed they were having a conversation. She whispered something in his ear and she was looking at me. I squinted my eyes. When she finished whispering to him; he turned his head to look at me. I waved. He shook his head and started talking to Maddie. Then Maddie did the unthinkable...she kissed his cheek!

That little! That little...crush stealer! I swore that from that day on that I would never talk to Maddison Cordelia Bale. Then the principal came in with a boy on a wheelchair was wheeling next to him. He was handsome. He had short brown hair and light olive skin. He wore glasses that showed his brown eyes. His brown eyes scanning everybody in the room.

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