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Lisa's stepping out of the house in her casual clothes一 A pair of black jeans and white long-sleeves as she tried to get rid of the feeling she had through her mind. She couldn't believe she had to marry a man, no matter it's just a fake relationship with Jungkook.

Before leaving for a walk, Lisa walked through the open gate and began to explore the town without Jungkook known.

"Okay, you just... just have to focus, Lisa. Just focus". She said to herself while quicken her walks along the sidewalk. "This is a business deal. It's just a business deal. Everything's gonna be just fine". She said, trying to keep her positive thought.

After taking a long minute walk, Lisa finally arrived at Busan's Park.

Seeing everyone enjoyed with their day, Lisa made her way to sit on the bench and took a deep breath, trying to clear her mind for not thinking about her marriage with Jungkook, tomorrow.

When the wind blew her long blonde hair, Lisa opened her eyes and saw a man standing from distance, smiling at her with a dimple popped out in his cheek. Her eyes widen in surprise, seeing his presence.


"So, how are you?". He asked, who sits beside her.

Lisa, on the other hand, remained silent and thought it's better if she didn't have to answer him. But she has to since it's a bit awkward between these two. "Not bad". She simply said, trying to end this conversation as soon as possible.

"That's good to hear". He said, turning to her side. "Lisa".

Lisa turned to him who stared at her.

After a few seconds of silence, Lisa started. "Why you here? I thought you were in London?". She mumbled, didn't gave him a single glance.

He took a deep breath and sighs. "I have a meeting with someone in Busan... plus I heard you're already engaged? May I know who he is?". He grinned, that Lisa knew he tried his best to hide his disappointment.

"How'd you know?".

"Eliza told me".

Lisa furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. How come she knew Lisa was engaged?

"Eliza? How does she know about this?".

He looked up to the sky and let out a sharp exhaled. "She's now in Seoul. She heard the news, recently from your neighbors".

She then lowered her gaze. "But we promised to marry once I'm back from my abroad?". He continued causing Lisa to turns to him.

"I didn't promise anything, Namjoon. I told you, I am not going to marry you". Lisa said but Namjoon remains calm in his seat. "We are not going to marry, no matter how long you're forcing me". She stood up from her seat but then halted in her track when Namjoon grasps her hand.

"Lisa, please hear me out. I really love you and please don't do this to me". He said while Lisa tried to wriggle her wrist out of her grasp.

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