Dark Secret

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"You don't even need to fuck me" I released her from my grip as she gets down on her knees and ties her hair up

"Billie we really shouldn't-" I got interrupted by her unbuckling my belt

"Aye mamas stop" I said grabbing her hands

"Wha-" she says looking at me

"Look I said it already bils I want this too but I'm finna wait ight?" I said buckling my pants back up

"Bro But!-" Billie yells but I interrupt her
"Aye mamas look it's your birthday, get off your knees now"

She got up and sat on the bed

I walked over to the door and closed it making sure I locked it

"What are you doing?" She asked but I ignored her and took off my shirt

"Lay down." I said to her

She laid down on the bed and made this stupid goofy confused face

I couldn't help but to laugh at her reaction

"What?" She giggled grabbing one of her pillows and hitting me with it

I turn her towards me making her feet dangle off the side of the bed and I looked at her and she was still making that goofy ass face at me

"Stop that mamas" I laughed looking at the floor
"Sorry" she said quickly holding back a laugh

I pulled her pants down and looked at her for the third time as she's still holding the laugh in

"B-" I said right before she bursted out laughing
"Stop man" I chuckled grabbing on to her thighs
"What is so funny?" I asked her
"I don't know I'm nervous I guess" she said looking at me she made an awkward smile

"You weren't nervous to suck my dick like 2 minutes ago"
"I know but I don't know" she laughs
"Ight den we don't gotta do this mamas"

"No!" She quickly cut in
"I want to" she said
"Okay" I said bending over to connect my lips with hers

I move to her neck and start to kiss softly and slowly

I hear Billie moan as she grabs on to the back of my head

As I start to us suction I feel Billies body move upwards

She giggled again as I released my suction and put my head under her shirt

She smells so good I pulled her bra down and started to kiss her left boob I make my way down to her nipple and licked it and then sucked on it her cute soft giggles came back with soft moans here and there

I felt her body move upwards again

I kiss down her stomach all the way to her panties they were black and lacy her legs were still dangling off the bed so I crouched down to get her level I bit onto the band of panties and slowly pulled them down with my teeth.

She started giggling bit more as she released it was time I entered into the folds of her pussy connecting my tongue to her clit as her giggle completely changed and was replaced with her deeply breathing in and letting out a loud moan.

She was extremely wet and she tasted good I move my tongue up and down each time she would let out a moan.

I shook my head making her squirm and cum in my mouth

"Mmm daddy" she moaned she reached for my head to play with my hair

I wanted to see how tight she was so I too 2 fingers and plunged them in to her and she let out a loud moan

"Damn you tight mamas I could barely fit my fingers in you" I said moving my face away from her pussy

I reconnected with her clit eating her pussy like is was a burger

Billies moans were really turning me on

"Shhhh mamas they'll here you" I said to her

I start to move my fingers faster going in and out of her hitting her g-spot every time, I could see she was about to cum so I shook my head again making her moan louder than last time.

I could feel my dick growing in my pants so I took my fingers out of her and moved my face.

Billies legs started to shake as she was cumming as she became to calm down she started to laugh

"Oh fuck" she said out of breath
"Why have we never done this baby" She she looks at me still out of breath
"Holy shit that was so good" she laughed

"You taste so damn good" I said to her wiping my face
"Go take a shower" I said to her
"Okay but clean off your fingers first" she said getting up

"Mami, I don't know how I supposed to fuck you" I said as she got up
"Trust me you'll find perfectly" my jaw dropped

"But now I should give you something" she said getting up

I was semi hard at that moment but she groped my dick and I got hard I pushed her hand off my dick not wanting her to do anything to me

"No mamas I'm good I gotta go anyways imma just clean up and go" I said looking at her

"Can't you stay for a little even if We don't do anything else, can't we just cuddle?"

"Okay for a little"

After I washed my hands I went into her room and waited for her to finish as I got into her room I sat on her bed and her phone went off

It was a message from her manager saying she had an interview tomorrow but I couldn't help but notice that her wallpaper was a picture of me.

I just stared at it and smiled in loss for words
Because she doesn't know nor does anyone know put she's my wallpaper and it's a picture of her sleeping while we were cuddling.

About 20 minutes later she came back into the room wearing her pjs

She walked in like a weirdo and

"sup dude" in this gangster voice

I just laughed as she jumped on the bed and laid next to me looking at me.

"You are so damn beautiful" I said staring at her lips and eyes

She smiled and looked down with her eyes for a second but quickly looking back at me

"You know you could have anyone in the world  that you wanted right now-"
"I know and he's right in front of me" she softly smiles exposing her dimples

"She turned around into kidding it was time for me to spoon her" I wrap her arms around me pulling her body closer to mine

Her ass rubs against my dick turning me on a little

"Go to sleep mamas" I said to her
"I don't wanna" she whined
"Well you got an interview tomorrow" I said kissing her neck

"Oh yeah... wait did I tell you that?"
"Nah you didn't but your manager texted you"
"Oh..." she giggled

"I like your wallpaper by the way" I said watching a small grin appear on her face
"She turned around I like my wallpaper too"

"What's yours?" She asked
"Mine?" I replied
"My wallpaper is my darkest secret

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