Part 6 ; Pain

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*Taehyung POV*

For two hours I prepared a paperwork on my company's business after I went to a meeting with Hong Kong company. My back leaned on my office's chair and I started rubbing my forehead with my hand.

When I took my coffee made by my secretary, I accidentally dropped my coffee cup on the floor. "Oh, damn it" I suddenly froze for a moment.

Why do I think there's something going on now? Why suddenly I am worried? My secretary opened the door. "Sorry CEO, are you okay now?"

I looked at him. "Yes, I'm okay. I just accidentally dropped my coffee cup on the floor. Don't worry and you can do your work now."

"Sure, CEO" Then he close my office door. What going on now? Why I feel worried about something? My phone starts ringing.

My Beautiful
Is contacting you...

Y/n?? Why she call me at this time?? I pressed the green button on the phone and put my phone in my right ear. "Yoboseyo, y/n??"

"Tae.. Where.. Are.. You.. Now" Wait wait.. Does she cry now?? What happened?! "At office. Wait, are you crying now, y/n? What happened?!!" I started panicking and worried about y/n now.

"Jungkook.. He.. Cheating.. On.. Me" After I heard y/n's words I started froze for a moment because I was surprised. No, y/n.. "Y/n, calm down and don't make yourself depressed"

I can not imagine how hurt y/n felt after she knew all this. I'm sorry, y/n. I'm sorry because I can't protect you, beautiful. "Where are you now?"

"At Gangnam Park"

"Okay, I'm coming now and don't go anyway. I will be right there in 10 minutes" Then she hang out the call. I picked up my key and got out of my office immediately.

"Mr. Song, I want to go out because there is a problem happening now and if there are guests who want to meet me. Say to them, I'm very busy with other problems" I said to my secretary.

"But CEO, CEO from Dubai company will come in 10 minutes for a meeting about the ports you have already inverted in their company"

"About that meeting, tell them to start the meeting tomorrow on 9 o'clock in morning" I said to him again and I go fast. "But CEO, they will- ?"

*Gangnam Park, Y/n POV*

The winds that pee in the park slapped my face. A lovely atmosphere for a happy family picnic in the park. And me? Cry because husband cheat with other woman at his office. His secretary, Lisa.

Why he do this to me?! Why!! What I was done on him? Why Jungkook cheating on me?! Why he with Lisa?! Whyyyyy!!

A few minutes later, Taehyung ran towards me. "Y/n..!" I looked at Taehyung then I quickly huge him. "Tae, he cheating on me. I don't know what I should do now"

I started to cry in his chest and Taehyung start stroking my hair. "Shhh.. Don't cry about of that stupid ass. I'm here for you, princess. Don't worry, you're not alone and you have me here"

I can feel my forehead kissed by him. "Don't cry, y/n. I'm here for you" He huge me back. I feel save when I with him. I don't know why I feel this way when I with him.

*JK Group Company*

Jungkook ;
Y/n, where are you now? Please pick up your phone now, honey. I really worry about you.

Jungkook ;
Y/n?? Honey?? Please.

Jungkook ;
Mrs. Jeon Y/n, can you please reply my text? Hello??

Jungkook ;

Y/n💕 ;
Sorry, I hang out with my friend now.

Jungkook ;
Great. 1 thousands year later you will reply me, honey. With whom?

Y/n💕 ;

Jungkook ;
I said with whom? Boy or girl?

(Y/n💕 seen)

Why she didn't reply me now?! Oh y/n where are you now? "CEO, CEO from Dubai company will come in 15 minutes" Jungkook lifted his eyebrows.

"Wait what? They said the meeting will be held next week. Why cancel?" Jungkook said to his secretary, Lisa. "About that, They did not say anything about it."

"Okay, set up the meeting room and company contract now" Said Jungkook to her.

"Sure CEO, and CEO from Dubai company also will bring all member of the executive board and member of the board of shareholders" Jungkook started shocked.

"What?! Why the CEO seems to want to attack my company? Do you know what the CEO name is?"

"He did not tell his name, CEO Jeon" Jungkook looked away. Why he is so mysterious? "Okay, you can go now"

*Flashback, TH Group Company*

All employees of TH Group bowed to CEO of Dubai company who walked toward Taehyung's office accompanied by member board of shareholders and executive.

"He's so handsome and young" Someone whispered. "Yes. And he so hot"

When they arrived at Taehyung's office. Taehyung's secretary bowed at him and say. "Sorry CEO. But CEO Kim went because there was an important problem"

He gives a angry look at Taehyung's secretary. "Do you know where I come from?! From Dubai company!!! I came from far!! Why he cancel this important meeting?!"

"Sorry CEO, I can't do anything about this and I try to stop CEO Kim but I can't. " He bowed again to the CEO.

"We go now." He turned and started walking with the board member. "CEO, where we go now?" Asked of the board member to him. "To JK Group Company"

"But the meeting will be held next week, CEO" Asked him again. "You answered me??" He gives a angry look at him. "Sorry CEO. I will not let at happened again"

"I just want to speed up this stupid meeting just because I want to see my ex fiance's family today. Prepare the car in front of the lobby now."

They all bow down to him. "Sure, CEO Park.."

*To Be Continue*

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