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~Part 2 | Section 6~

I've prepared so long for that moment and I didn't know what to say to him. I couldn't gather the strength to let my mouth mutter the words my brain was trying so desperately to recall.

What made things worse was that Gai scooted even closer to me and spoke again. "Do you like me?" He asked.

Of course, I like you. Sometimes it felt like it was more than just a like. Even though I didn't say the words, I was hoping that my face or maybe my body was telling him so.

And when I didn't think it was possible or even as much as a thought that passed his mind, he kissed me.

He kissed my forehead but it was still me and in that moment, I cried because no has ever kiss me there other than my mother who, even back then, wasn't there. It was newer then but Gai held me.

Even though, I'm sure he didn't have the slightest of clues as to why I was crying, he still held me. I didn't want to tell him, even though he asked because I thought it was stupid.

Maybe he thought I was crying because he kissed me without consent or something as dumb as that and I didn't want him to think that I hated him or that him kissing me made me cry so I kissed him back, on the forehead.

"If you're not ready, we can talk about this some other time?"

I just nodded. Why did I want to cry some more? Was it because of my mother or was it because I just wanted him to hold me again and that seemed to be the only way to get him to do so without having to utter out so much of a word.

But I was stupid then.

I got so happy because he told me he thought he liked. Keyword, thought. Well in that specific case the word was think. When in reality, he didn't like me. He always did questionable things to me whenever he was around but he never meant anything by it. Just like when he told me he thought he liked me, I shouldn't have listened.

It was just a joke.

Three days later, I found out the truth.


"Maria, Gael is here!" Her mother exclaimed.

I was in her brother's room that day because she kicked me out of her's. I didn't know why. She wouldn't tell me but it all made sense. She needed to talk to someone in private.

When I heard Gael's footsteps coming up the stairs. I felt this rush of heat flow through my body. It started in my stomach and rised up to my heart where it rested and tortured me.

I started to pace around the room. I haven't talked to him since the incident and I felt like he was there for an answer and I felt ready to give it to him.

I like you too, was what I was going to say. I told myself that I was just going to say that and nothing else. No greeting or small talk just get straight to the point.

I fixed my shirt in the mirror and brushed my hair down with my hands and repeated, "Straight to the point," in a whisper.

"Hey, Gael. Come in!" Maria exclaimed.

Gael was her second best friend. "What? I get to come into your room?" Why did he sound so shocked? Of course, he was.

"Duh, now come in."

I heard the door click shut and then I started to take deep breaths. I was going to march over to the door and confess my like for Gael but instead, I overheard somethings.

"Are you serious?" Maria asked.

"Yeah. Selena and I are official! We started dating two days ago. I told her how I felt after the party when she asked me what was wrong and the next day she told me."

"That's crazy! You've been liking her forever! It's about time!"

They continued talking about Selena and I just slowly slipped away. I'd liked Gael for five years and I knew that I couldn't have let those years progress. I didn't want to like him for one more year, one more month, one more week nor one more day. I wanted to be done with him and it was hard but eventually, I did.

What made things worse was that he still had the audacity to speak to me that day.

I was lying under the blankets to a bed that felt like mine and just stared at the wall.

He knocked. I knew it was his knock. Just like how I knew it was him coming up the stairs. I knew him too well.

"Miles, you in here?"

He was the only person that called me that besides my father and it was official, I hated the name Miles. So I was never going to tell anyone my real name but instead my nickname.

"Miles?" The door creaked opened.

"Go away."

Why did I speak? Did I want him to hear the hurt in my voice so he could hold me and make me feel better? Or did I just speak because I really wanted him to go away?

It was both.

"We need to talk."

Did he not hear the hurt in my voice or was he just ignoring it?

"I really don't want to."

That time he heard it because I heard it. My voice cracked in the middle and on the last word, I ran out of breath.

He sighed. "So you know already. Word gets around fast huh?"

I just lied there and prayed that he would shut the hell up talking to me. I lied there and refused to look at him. I wanted him to give up and go but nope, he stayed and made things worse.

"I'm sorry but I have been after Selena for years now and my feelings for her are a lot stronger than they are for anybody else. The feelings I had for you were only temporary. I didn't mean to lead you on or anything. I'm sorry. I just want to be friends."

How could he even say that to me? The last thing I wanted to be was friends with him. I never wanted to see him again. If it was up to me, I wanted him dead so that I never had to see him again.

He was the only person to break me and I promised myself that I would never give someone that much power ever again.

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