The Ice Breaker

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I had just arrived in Trinidad and Tobago I needed a change of scenery. So this vacation was right on time. I was so happy and a little nervous, I had never been on a trip by myself. But hell, I was long overdue for a getaway. It was so damn beautiful, turquoise water and palm trees everywhere. I was greeted by a porter he said welcome to Royal Paradise.

As he grabbed my luggage and put them on the cart. I followed him inside the hotel. And went up to the reception area to confirm my reservation. The manager handed me my key. And let me know that I had been upgraded to the Presidential Suite. Because they forgot to notify me about Island Desire, I looked at her and ask what is that?

She fills me in telling me it's a festival thrown every June. For people to fulfill their fantasies and have a good time. I'm like wow, so it's gonna take place at this hotel? The Manger smiles and says yes here. Also the resorts in the surrounding area. Sorry for any inconvenience we've caused, we hope you'll join the festivities.

I tell the manager I just might take her up on the offer. As I got on the glass elevator with the porter, to my suite on the 6th floor. We walk down the hall until we get to 605. He rolls my luggage into my room. I give him a generous tip for being so helpful. He says if I need anything just give room service a call.

He turns to leave my room, I open the sliding doors and take in the view of the beach. I see an outdoors Shower. So I lock the doors peel my clothes off, and hop in. Lathering up as I take my shower. Contemplating going to Island Desire, I say fuck it nobody knows me here. So I'm going and I'm gonna have a good time, I rinse off and air dry.

While I Decide what I wanna wear, I pick this red bikini with shorts and some sandals. I apply my lip glass and put my hair in a ponytail. When I see a brochure being slipped under my door. I pick it up and check it out. And see that an Ice Breaker is taking place in a few. So I get on the elevator and go to the lobby. And asked where The Ice Breaker is? One of the hotel employees says follow me, that's where I am going.

I'm like alright bet, He leads me through this beaded door curtain. And said well we're here I thanked him. And made my way over to the bar, ordering a Sex on the Beach. I had a seat at this table and Sipped my drank. Checking out the fine men, some of them were here with their girls. The rest of the men appeared to be single.

Damn this was gonna be fun, I was vibing out to the music. When this chick grabs the mic and says. I'm Queenie and I would like to welcome everyone, to the 1st event of Island Desire. I hope y'all are ready to turn up. She was like we gonna kick this thang off with some body shots. Do I have any volunteers? I was on my 2nd drink and buzzing, so I walked up and was like I'm down.

She had some more people come up, Queenie said Ladies go 1st. This brown skin cat with locs. Walked up with a shot of patron. He Had me lay back while pouring the shot in my Navel.. For the rest of this Sexy story. 

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