Studio life

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I walk out of studio B after ballet and rip off my pointe shoes. 

"I hate you" I state, throwing my shoes into my bag. 

"Advanced pointe got you down?" Gabbie asks. 

"Why am I in that class?" I ask. 

"Because Mrs. Hanna says you belong in it" Gabbie laughs. 

Gabbie was 17, she's apart of the Senior dance company. 

I take a drink of my gatorade "Well she's crazy" 

Gabbie shakes her head "No she's not, you're really good" 

I roll my eyes "Sure I am" 

"Junior Compeition team, In studio A please!" Mrs. Hannas assistant, Paige says. 

Paige...Aka my brothers fiance. 

Yeah...It sucks.

But now I can say I'm the match maker because they met through the brother sister dance class that I forced Ryder to do so he'd understand how much dedication and hard work was required for dance. 

I got up along witht he rest of the team and we went into studio A. 

There were eight members of the junior team. 

Five girls, and three boys. 

"Good afternoon!" Mrs. Hanna smiles, walking inside the studio "And welcome back for the competition season!" 

We all clapped and cheered, happy to be back. 

"Now. The first compeition we are going to is in three weeks, In Miami flordia" Mrs. Hanna announces. 

"Thank gosh! It's getting too cold here" Faith says, causing us to laugh a little. 

"I know" Mrs. Hanna smiles "But, there's also another thing happening in these three upcoming weeks" 

We all look around with confused looks on our faces. 

"As of tommarow, The West High football team will be joining us with practices and classes" Mrs. Hanna explains. 

"What?" I ask. 

We all burst out, complaining and making excuses of why this isn't a good idea. 

"Hush up!" Mrs. Hanna snaps "I understand most of you go to that school and you don't exactly get along with them, And that's part of the reason we are doing this"

"What? Are we supposed to trust them or something?" Mason scoffs. 

"They've been bullying us for years Mrs.H, This sin't fair!" Jordan complains. 

"I don't want to hear it! They will be training with us for the next three weeks and you will treat them like guests!" Mrs. Hanna snaps. 

We all nod and sigh. 

"Now" Mrs. Hanna starts "Lets talk about numbers"

We all perk up and pay attention. 

"There will be three solos, two duets, and the group dance, everyone is in the group dance, it's entitled circus" Mrs. Hanna says "If the football team thinks your freaks, lets show them freaks" 

We all smile and clap. 

"The duets will be Makayla and Sophie, And Ava and Mason" 

We smile at each other, Mason and I high fiving. 

"Mason and Ava, your duet is called The choice There will be a lot of acting in it, So be prepared" 

Mrs. Hanna then goes on to talk about Makayla and Sophias duet. 

It was called 'Swan Lake' 

"Solos, Ava, Jordan, And..." Mrs. Hanna looks aroud the room "Makyala" 

Makalya smiles. 

She isn't the usual person to get a solo, Considering that she's so shy.

And now she has one of the first ones of the season. 

"We will talk about those in your private classes" Mrs. Hanna says "But lets start your group dance" 

We all get up, spreading apart for warm up, Talking about the upcoming season. 

I look up to the veiwing area, Seeing Ryder and Paige talking. 

She must be on break while we warm up. 

Mrs. Hanna steps outside for a second and the room fills with silence. 

"Isn't it crazy how much special treatment you get just because your brother is dating a teacher here?" Kendal asks. 

Sophie rolls her eyes "Not this again" 

"Uhm yes this again, it's stupid" Kendal says. 

"It doesn't matter if my brother is dating Paige, I work hard for everything, I earn solos and duets and special parts" I explain. 

"Sure you do" Faith rolls her eyes. 

Faith and Kendal. 

Have hated me ever since we competed against each other for National Mini dancer of the year. 

When I won. 

Oh my gosh it's like the world ended. 

"Just ignore them" Rodger states. 

"Always" I say, Smiling. 

Faith and Kendal never tired to be apart of the group, They stay away while the rest of us sit in a circle to arm up. 

But those two stay to a corner. 

"We are screwed once those football head walk through those doors" Jordan states. 

"Not true" Makyala shakes her head. 

"Kayla, All they do is pick on you!" Rodger states.

Makayla stays quite. 

"We need to have faith in Mrs. Hanna, If we know her...This will be the most exhausting three weeks of those boys' lives" Sophia explains. 

"We can only hope"

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