fifty six

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my fingers were rapidly tapping the computer key as i was sending an email about the flight i was taking today. david was laying with his head resting on the headboard the last time i looked at him. but then, i felt his arms wrapping around my waist and his lips attacking my neck with some open mouthed kisses. "david," i whined. "i'm busy here" i closed my eyes for a few seconds.

he stopped with the kisses, inhaling the nice scent from my hair. "i know, but i think you can take a little break" david said, putting his fingers under my chin so i could look at him. "come on, you'll be gone for days, i want to enjoy our time left together"

david thrilled a path of kisses from my neck to my jaw, turning my face a little bit more to press his lips against mine. i closed my laptop that was resting on my lap and put it aside. after that, i straddled his lap, sitting down, earning a groan from him. i pushed his body down on the bed, sharing a needy kiss with him as i started to grind my hips against his crotch. david hummed between my lips and i went down with my kisses to his inviting neck, trying to not leave any marks.

i exhaled, digging my nails on the skin of his arm as his hand traveled around my body, squeezing my ass and coming back to my hips, going a little further under my shirt to play with my boobs, the feeling of his cold ring against my warm skin as he twirled his thumb around my nipples made me shiver as i bit my bottom lip. "one day, you will end up killing me" i whispered, seeing a little smirk on his lips before kissing him again.

when my hands were wandering down his body, now gripping his half-hard dick, starting to stroke him, someone knocked on the door. "what?" david almost yelled under me, making me laugh a little.

"we need to film the podcast, joe is here" jason said from the other side of the door.

"fuck" david exclaimed when i gave his length a squeeze. "can you wait... shit" he looked down at us as i licked a stripe on my hand and slipped it inside his boxer, to grab his dick.

"are you... are you having sex?" jason asked between giggles when he heard david exclamations.

i smiled, starting to move my hand up and down his length. "tell him what we're doing" i teased, kissing his neck. "i mean, you wanted it"

"huh..." i twirled my thumb on his tip, seeing his forehead forming a sweaty line while he frowned. "no... just give me ten minutes" he exhaled when we heard jason walk away. "you're evil" he mumbled and i sped up my movements.

"oh sorry, i'll stop now" i slipped my hand out, smirking.

david was quick to grab my wrist. "you know i can't film the podcast like this" he whined, trying to slip my hand back. i rolled my eyes, leaning down on the bed, earning a cute grin from him.

after i helped him out, he kissed me and went to the living room as i went to take a shower. i grabbed my stuff when i was fully dressed to make sure i wasn't forgetting anything for the trip. when i left the room, i found david and jason laying down, filming the podcast. "phe! we were just talking about you!" jason said as i tried to leave the room without them noticing me.

"come sit down here with us for a few minutes" david said patting the seat next to him. i smiled awkwardly and sat down beside him, with him putting one of his legs behind me and the other one resting on my lap. "this is ophelia ruggiero, everyone"

"we were talking about david's crush on natalie portman" jason giggled, putting the microphone close to my mouth so i could speak.

"yeah, i listened to him talking about her beauty for the entire night" i shook my head, laughing. "and then he made me promise that she was his only hall pass"

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