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I then feel him push me up agents a hard wall, I think this is the wall in the play room with all of the loops of metal imbedded in it, we normally tie rope to these.
After a minute he grabs my my legs and pulls them out stretching them apart with ropes I almost fall but he steadies me. Then he tied my hands pulling tight, though the ropes are soft it hurts a little  this forces me on my toes it's hard to stay still for long in this position. He then tied my knees to hoops on ether side keeping them speed slightly so my knees could not touch.
All of a sudden completely unprepared I felt a vibration right on my clit, with no work up I  desperately tried to pull away from the overwhelming sensation it's so strong on my neglected clit. It causes my nipples to harden almost instantly.
After a short struggle it stated to fell good my clit humming in pleasure as I was so over stimulated and already very horny it took me about 5 minutes to get close enough to cum shacking from strain I bucked my hips and let out begging words but just as soon as I was on the peek I was left no satisfaction frantically bucking my hips needing more.
"Please please please please" I beg
"Please what"he says in reply
"Please Sir" I say
"Elaborate pet" he says sharply
"Please let me cum please" I beg frantically
"Hmmm no" he says abruptly
"But I can't..." I wine when all of a sudden I have a gag in my mouth
"Pet your new safe word is shacking your head, do it for me now" he commands
I do it, then he continues bringing me close then letting me go over and over at this point I'm crying I have lost count I'm far over 30 by now hours must have passed. I'm blushed my body wet from perspiration tears down my face as I cry in denial as he brings me to the precious again.
By the end of the night I'm a quivering mess he lets me go from the ropes a long while after rubbing my wrists, he switched to a smaller gag and leads me across the room I think it's to my cage that means it must be time for bed.
He shoved me in tying my legs and hands with what seems to be leather cuffs to different sides of the dog cage, then he pushes something In my pussy, an egg shape and then it starts vibrates low, not enough to make me cum but enough to tease me so badly keeping me on the edge.
"Nod if your okay with this for tonight" he says and I immediately nod I love the need, I love the desperation.
I don't sleep at all all night humping the air like a real dog begging for relief.

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