Spells 1-10

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Call me an asshole one more time: Shoves someone's head up another's ass (Hancock, movie)

I'm the bad guy: Allows you to commit crimes without being seen (Billie Eilish song)

I will not apologize: Makes your cares and worries float away (grandson song)

Are you shitting me?: Makes someone shit their pants (a phrase people say)

I didn't know you were a sociopath: Temporarily turns off all emotions (StayLoose/Bryce Fox song)

Here's the mother freaking tea: Either forces someone to spill all their secrets or makes tea appear (some weird TikTok meme I think. Dunno. I don't follow these things :P)

All you say are all the same things I did: Lets you take control of what someone says (Billie Eilish song)

Swear that when I get old you'll blow all my brains out: Makes it impossible to break a promise/whatever they say is the truth. (YUNGBLUD song)

Tear away the mask: Forces someone to be their true self (grandson song)

Crying isn't like you: Comforts whoever it is cast upon, and makes them feel better (Billie Eilish song)

A/N: Hey, hope you liked what I have so far here. I have a lot of song references because I'm music obsessed. I tried to throw in a bunch of Billie Eilish songs because I know she's trendy or some shit. If you haven't listened to grandson, then, well, LISTEN TO SOME FUCKING GRANDSON BECAUSE HE IS AMAZING!!! Fingers crossed that you understood most of my strange references here. If not, then I'm sorry. I'm never caught up on the trendy things, so my references are usually pretty obscure. Suggestions? Comment them below plz, because I am idea-less and not original.

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