jiffy pop (drabble)

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You prodded at the jiffy pop with a knife. You had no clue how to open it, since damaging to much of the package was a thing, and now Martha and Veronica where waiting for your dumbass in the living room. But instead of calling one of them into help, you stayed inside, poking it with a knife.

Sighing, you finally threw the knife on the counter after two minutes of struggling. You took the popcorn package in your hands and carried it with you into the living room, all the while looking down.

When they noticed you with the popcorn in your hand, they immediately started laughing.

"You can't open popcorn?" Veronica laughed at you. In response, you merely nodded grumpily.

"Here, I'll help," Martha stood up, and made her way over to you. She took the knife in her hands, and did one swift cut across the cardboard package that covered the popcorn. "See? Easy-peasy," she gave them back to you.

You sighed, and muttered a thanks. How embarrassing. Sometime you wondered if you where going backwards in life, with how much you messed up with simple things.

Finally, you put the jiffy pop on the stove, cooking it. Every few minutes you would be shaking it back and forth like the instructions told you to. It was pretty simple.

After a few minutes, you turned the stove off once the foil seemed at a decent size of inflation. Picking up the knife you previously had, you cut across the top, and out came the popcorn.

It smelled buttery and delicious, and not at all burnt. So you know you had succeeded.

Carrying the popcorn to the living room, Veronica started the movie as well. As always, it was the Princess Bride, a classic.

The lights where dimmed so it was more relaxing than having the lights on while you watched the movie. As you guys ate the snacks and drank the drinks, it was a fun evening.

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