Chapter 17

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This time, Middle Point have really gone too far! TWICE found their GoPro in their room, and now they're coming for them!

Nonetheless, Lenzie still doesn't care as she believes she did the right thing.

Lenzie: (stares at the screen of her laptop) Now, I'd say we did a great job, but maybe we should stop bragging early. I mean, those midges always caught us.

Korinne: I think you're overestimating them. I mean, they're not as smart as they think they are.

Lenzie: Shut up, Korinne. I know what I'm doing.

Korinne: But I'm talking about TWICE. They're stupid.

Lenzie: Well, I guess you're right. Now, I'm sending the videos to Leslie and-

Dahyun: (barges in) You're not going to send anything!

Korinne: What the fuck are you doing here? Get out!

Jihyo: (barges in) Not until you tell me what the fuck you were doing with this camera! (Shows the GoPro off)

Amanda: None of your business, bitch!

Lenzie: No, Amanda, please don't rage at her. (Clicks a button on her laptop) Now that I've just hit send, everyone will know how bad you are. Your downfall is coming soon, TWICE. Bye-bye. Now you can go.

Jeongyeon: You are just-

Jihyo: Let's go. I'm not wasting any more time on them. (Turns to Lenzie) Hope not to see you ever again, Lenzie.

Lenzie: Same. Now, get the fuck out of here or I'm calling the cops!

As soon as TWICE leave Middle Point's room to head back to theirs, they realize that they need a plan to stay away from them and finally enjoy their holidays without any more drama. But, first, they have to avert disaster.

Momo: I can't believe those twisted bitches got what they wanted once again! I swear-

Jeongyeon: That's enough! We have to tell Nayeon! I'm texting her!

Dahyun: But isn't she pissed for the Daejeong matter?

Jeongyeon: She can't avoid her forever. I mean, they need to sort things out—or, better say, we all need to.

Jihyo: You're right, unfortunately. We need to move on with what happened between her and us or else something—or someone—will destroy us.

Sana: I don't want to believe they spend 24 hours a day plotting, but now I'm thinking they plot even in sleep...

Tzuyu: Ouch! I don't want to be in their shoes, then.

Jihyo: Okay, let's go to bed, girls. (Turns to Jeongyeon) Text Nayeon and tell her all the truth, okay? (Turns to Chaeyoung) And you, Chaeyoung, promise that you'll take back those hurtful words to Daejeong. She's not a sasaeng or, worse, a stalker.

Chaeyoung: Okay. I promise. (Yawns) Good night.

Mina: 'Night.

Meanwhile, Nayeon is alone, strolling by the beach. Perhaps storming out of the hotel that way hasn't been a good idea, but she needed to clear her mind a little bit. The thought of what Daejeong did to her back at Sixteen times, four years ago, is too strong to let go.

But now it's not time to wallow. She needs to go back to the hotel and get some sleep as tomorrow is probably going to be an intense day. As she stands up to leave, however, she's startled to see Leiann there, as well.

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