2 - Cocky

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I don't feel so great this morning...

During the middle of the night Marideth had woken me up just to clean up a broken wine glass from off the floor. See, my heart starts making it harder for me to function when I lack sleep, so it feels like a ton of bricks in my chest when I walk around. My breathing feels heavy, I feel like I have to throw up, so life is really fucking great. (Note sarcasm)

I set the plates down and started eating my own breakfast since I woke up earlier than them this morning. I didn't want to face my step family so I decided I'd go to school earlier than usual, which I'm sure they'll be happy about.

I washed my plate quickly and slung my bag over my shoulder before stepping out of the house and into the fall cold. The sun shone warmly on the Earth and I gladly welcomed it with open arms as I walked all the way to school.

I wondered what life would be like if my father were still alive. I wondered what it'd be like if Marideth decided to comfort me instead of abuse me; would I still be the same April Catch from before? If I were, which I doubt I could be anymore, I think I would've done a lot more lying than I even speak during daylight hours. But I'm not her anymore, and I never will be again.


I turned around quickly to see a football flying towards my face, fast.

I drop my bag immediately and I catch the ball when it's only centimeters from my face. A quick reflex of mine was to always protect myself from being hurt, something my dad taught me.

I smile at the memory of when I was first noticed by everyone and quickly made friends. Everybody loved me for how strong I was and my dad was so proud of me for breaking the stereotype of girls not being able to be strong. I was proud of me.

I make a beeline straight to my locker without any problems since kids still weren't in school. I take my books out and head into the girl's bathroom immediately before everyone starts crowding the hallways.

"Breathe, you're okay, you're okay," I don't know who I was trying to convince more; my reflection or myself. It was hard to get through life alone but it's better alone than hurting another person.

You're just hurting yourself...

I shook my thoughts away and splashed some water in my face before heading to class. I kept my head down the whole walk but I made sure I wasn't going to bump into anybody anymore, I wasn't going to have that much attention on me again.

"You're late miss Catch," Mr. Lottie announced as I walked through the door. I nodded my head and scurried towards the back of the classroom and sat in the far corner seat. I kept my hood down but high enough for me to see Mr. Lottie resuming his lecture.

The door suddenly slams open and I hear gasps and people jumping in surprise, but I kept my head down and started drawing mindless circles onto the desk. It was quiet for a few seconds before I heard Mr. Lottie groan, "Why are you here Mr. Takeridge?"

"Principal changed my schedule teach, I'm here to make your morning better," a deep voice said sarcastically.

I could basically feel Mr. Lottie roll his eyes, "Go pick a seat."

I felt eyes on me but I didn't put any mind into it, people were probably still shocked from my little fall from yesterday. It was surprising how people held onto grudges for this long, usually gossip would last a day, a week if it's juicy, but something like my bump into a guy I didn't know, strange.

I heard the chair next to me squeak and my heart beat started to pick up it's speed. I didn't have to look over to know that the owner of that deep voice was sitting next me, but for some reason I just didn't want anybody close to me. I looked up slowly to see some girls glaring and scowling at me, but I didn't care enough to see who was sitting beside me.

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