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Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

"Kash hush, hush" i said seeing my daddy name pop up across my phone screen

I answered not ready to hear what he had to say

"I like how yo' ass just up and leave, do I know where you at?" Nigga you know you don't know where I'm at


"So where the fuck you at?" I paused "what I say, he asked where I'm at?" I whispered to Kash

"tell him you with Vassiah"

I put the phone back to my ear "I'm with Siah, she came and got me cause I was bored"

"So If I call her right now she gone tell me you with her?" my eyes widened

"yeah" I said going to Vassiah contact getting ready to text her

"Aight Bye" he hung up

Kamrynn Dior ❤️ tell my daddy I'm with you

FavoriteCousin 👑💕 whyy? you always doing something 🙄

Kamrynn Dior ❤️ Just do it please Siah 😩

FavoriteCousin 👑💕 ANSWER YO PHONE

My phone started ringing and it was Vassiah. Ion know what Ima tell her cause I can't tell her I'm with Kash

she gone try to beat my ass


"where yo' happy ass at?" she asked

"my friend house"

"you ain't suppose to be over there?" I shook my head no. "And what friend House you at?"


she stopped and looked up and said something under her breath and laughed

"Who house?" she asked again


"put the camera on her cause I wanna see her" she started laughing again

DAMN she know I'm with Kash. Kash the stud that was at my photo shoot that day

Siah ain't tell my daddy I was being "gay" that day, but she probably is now

Kash hung the phone up in her face

"why you do that?" I looked at her

"cause you already got caught slipping. If yo' ass would've kept talking you would've made it worse"

"mane ain't no telling what her ass finna do now. She crazy, I thought I was crazy but she is. Why you ain't tell me she knew yo' real name?"

Now I'm frustrated and mad and at the same time

"Ian think you was gone say that" I rolled my eyes at her

"she finna pull up" she started laughing "that shit not funny, she know where you live?"

"no, I don't think so" she was still laughing

"It's not funny, and what time is it?" I just know it was late

"12:30, you finna get yo' gay ass in trouble" I looked at her for a few seconds before punching her

"I'm not gay, I just like what I like and I like you. So shut yo' ass up, I gotta go" I grabbed my phone getting up

"you can't go nowhere If I don't take you home. Remember I came and got you from yo' big ass mansion" she said grabbing her car keys

"oh yeah, and it ain't no mansion" I said as we left out her room going downstairs

"then what the fuck is it cause it ain't no regular two story house. It's a mansion or a fucking castle" I shook my head Ignoring her

we got in the car and made it to my house 15 minutes later. It was now 12:45

"what?" I said typing on my phone as Kash just stared at me . I wasn't looking at her but I could feel her staring me down hard

"nothing you just fine" she said, I locked my phone and looked her

"thank you, you fine as hell too" I smiled

"and them braces man, youn even know" I laughed "nah I'm for real"

"what about them?"

"they make you look even more fine. They like the topping on a ice cream sundae" she smiled, I started laughing again but harder

"you so cringey, but thank you" I looked at the time " I gotta go" I unlocked the door before getting pulled back

"you said by the end of the night you was gone tell me if you was gone fuck with the kid. Wassup?"

"yeah, I fuck with you"

She smiled

"aight well text me when you get settled In"

"okay" I shut the door and walked over to the gate and typed the password in and it opened

It closed once I walked in, I went in the house hearing the tv up loud

Folks think they at the movie theater or something?

"KAMMY" Ben said getting up hugging me. I pushed him back

"back up, you to close"

"why Siah ain't come in?" my daddy asked catching my attention

"she said she was sleepy and ready to go, but she said hey"

this lying shit be coming in handy, but that shit gone catch up to me

God please forgive me.

"oh, she always tired. Don't be doing shit" I laughed before going upstairs

I got in the shower then got in the bed

Fuck texting Kash, I'll text her tomorrow








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