It's all Over

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~ Alex's POV ~

"Do you remember her quirk?" Emilia asked. "I don't remember, okay!? IT'S BEEN AWHILE!" I screamed. "Whatever, it isn't important. Our plan is ready, we just have to follow through. We'll attack tomorrow. Be ready." She said, her eyes emotionless, a smirk implanted on her face. Her light brown skin reflected the light as she turned away, her hood falling off. Her bright cyan hair fell with it. "Don't fail me, Alexander."

~ Yanagi's POV ~

It was growing darker by the minute. I sighed. It was a little lonely in our house.. Jirou moved in with me and Momo, but those two were out. Momo was on call today, and Jirou was visiting her parents. I sat on the couch, awaiting them. I was pretty sure Jirou wouldn't be home until tomorrow, and Momo might not come home until early tomorrow morning. I looked at the clock. It was almost midnight.. I sighed, got up, and turned off the TV. I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and looked through it. I shoved old pizza aside, along with flat sodas, a bag of gone-bad salad, and a jar of.. Moldy mayo.. I gagged, and tossed it in the trash. I basically climbed into the fridge to reach the back. I reached my waters, and pulled one out. I heard a door click, I lifted my head, freezing. I held my breath. Nothing. Silence. Then I moved my arm and countless items fell to the floor. Footsteps.. I looked around. Nothing! I am just being paranoid.. Nothing is wrong. I reached down to pick up some of the items that fell from the fridge. I sighed, and put it all back. I felt something brush the back of my neck. I spun around to see.. Nothing. I closed the fridge and dashed up the stairs. I searched through my closet for a PJ top when.. My door slammed shut. I turned fast. My coat rack just tipped over and shut the door.. I took a breath. Arms wrapped around my stomach. I screamed, and rammed my heel into my captor's toes. I was released, and I ran. I didn't turn around to see who it was. I just ran. Out the door, up to the attic, and out onto the roof. That time I did turn around to see. Alex. And.. Emilia!? You son of a.. She suddenly disappeared, and Alex tried to turn the roof under my feet into liquid. I jumped back. I smashed into Emilia, and we went tumbling. Off the edge. This is fine. This is great, actually. She wrestled me in the air as I was spun downward, my back facing the ground to take the whole hit. Little did she know. I pushed her, and almost hit the ground. I dropped into it, leaving Emila's hands and legs trapped in the ground. I made it melt onto her. I shot up. "Nice try, Emi~!" I screamed. I was actually getting furious because I was constantly being attacked. I manipulated that heat into fire, and threw it at Alex to throw him off. I when he fell over, I brought him over to me, and melted him to the ground. "Nice try, Yana~!" He cried, becoming water, and slipping away. Emilia teleported behind me, dragging me to the ground.

I was pinned down. I couldn't move. I used Crush Telekinesis. I took out a chunk of ground, crushed and compressed it into a ball, and chucked it at Alex. Knocked him out. Yes! Now for Emilia. She was strong. I couldn't get her off! This heat.. This anger.. It.. Let my demons out. I roared, and let my accessories grow. She seemed completely terrified when she saw my entire eye go black. "Did you really think you could defeat Manipula?" I spat in her face and wrapped her legs in my tail, throwing her into the wall. I proceeded to slam her into the ground. Just enough to knock her unconscious, don't worry. She went limp, and I went to check and make sure she was out. I then called authorities, and got them arrested. Finally. I felt exhausted. I was sweating, but I was also cold as heck. I saw them get taken away. Jirou and Momo came into the driveway. "Police? Yana? YANA!?" Jirou screamed. I smiled and waved. "Hiya Jirou~" I said. "Kyoka, not Jirou anymore." She said, and hugged me tight. I smiled, hugging Momo next. "I'm alright, guys. Just a little mishap." I said, chuckling. "At least that is another threat dealt with." Momo said. I smiled. "The league of villains is dealt with, and now them. So, we are safe now." I said. "We are safe from them now. We still have to deal with our Hero work." Kyoka said. "Yeah, but at least we might die doing what we love." Momo smiled. "And not by psycho ex-friends and some crazy villain group." I laughed. I smiled softly.

"It's all over."


This is the last chapter!! Oh, I feel so accomplished!! Book two? Yes? No? Let me know! Anyway, I am still working on 'Camping Gone WRONG' and will be doing a new book soon. Yes, this book is short, but that's how it'll be. Tough cookie. Anyway, thank you for the views and support!! Thanks for reading this book! (If you wanna know what happens to YanaKyoka, TELL ME. I'll let you know~)

Again, thank you. Your views motivated me to finish this book. I kinda feel sad leaving it. And I know I could continue it, but.. It wouldn't be interesting! No chaos, no drama. Nothing. So maybe I'll do a second book (the main character might be YanaKyoka's child~)

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