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My name is Barbra Gordon. Yes as in Commissioner Gordon, he is my dad. You might think that having the only man works with Batman as your father is pretty awesome. But believe me it isn't as good as you think. I hardly ever see my dad and even when I do it is usually when I get in trouble. So I made it my mission to get my dads attention.

This however didn't work out in the way I had hoped. My dad thought that I had too much time on my hands and signed me up for the gymnastics team at my school. Yeah I was good, but my heart was never in to it like everybody else's was. Then I met Pamela Isling.

Pamela was the same age as me and an avid protester. She protested in anyway possible about anything she could, whether it was an eco-warrior protest or cruelty to animals. Pamela was there.

We became friends straight away and as soon as my practise ended we would go to a protest together. We became attached at the hip literally. Soon enough though the basic student protests bored Pamela and she decided to start being more drastic in her approach to tackle eco-problems. And of course I went along with her, being best friends we stuck through everything.

My dad didn't like Pamela though and did everything he could to split us up. In the end though he had to give up because we just kept sneaking out to meet up and he was hardly ever around to stop me from leaving.

Tonight we were going to have fun tomenting a industrial company who dumped their chemicals into the Gotham river. I was seriously worried about this as Pamela had recently become obsessed with giving 'justice' to those who wronged nature. So today we were going to hold the manager of the company at gun point then run off.

And before you ask... no it was waterguns we were using not real ones. But we could if we wanted as my dad has about three handguns in my house. I doubt he would miss them.

We broke into the company and found the manager. He looked scared as we walked in dressed in black with our guns. Pamela then said in a freaky voice, " Stop dumping your waste in the river. Or deal with us." With that she shot the poor man with the gun and out came fluorescent green gloop. Guaranteed to stain everything it touches. I smiled as Pamela yelled "SUCKER!!" at the poor man before we ran out of the factory.

But that was where it all went wrong.

It should've been a simple escape but we took a wrong turn and ended up in the factory. Oh and did I mention that another super criminal who went by the name of The Joker had also planned a surprise at this very factory on the very same day. To tell the truth it just wasn't our day.

Joker was messing around and playing with chemicals when Batman appeared. After the terrible taunting and what would seem to be flirting and the oh so obvious revealing of the plan, they started to fight. It was hard to keep track but Batman was definitely beating Joker. However Joker had seen us hiding. He must've figured out a plan in which he may be victorious because he ran over to us and started his maniacal laughter.

"Now now Batsy! Don't want anyone to get hurt." He teased and with that comment he grabbed Pamela and she in turn grabbed me and we were both drawn into the line of fire. Joker then dragged Pamela over to a vat of chemicals and threatened to drop her in unless Batman gave up. Of course he didn't and they continued to fight. However Joker dropped Pamela right next to a vat of fertiliser. The super strong stuff they use in farms. And whilst they were fighting the vat was knocked and started rocking, until it eventually fell right on top of Pamela.

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