Chapter 10 - A Mum, a Dad and ice cream.

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Chapter 10 - A Mum, a Dad and ice cream.

"I've got to go Isaac." Kayla said quite frantically as she pulled from his grasp.

"Look I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have...." He trailed off then as he saw what he assumed to be Kayla's Mum looking at them sternly.

He could see the similarities between them, from the dark hair to the shape of their faces. Kayla was the spitting image of her mother. The only difference was their height. Kayla was much shorter than her taller, much more imposing mother was.

"So Kayla honey is there something you haven't told me?" Her Mum's brows arched.

Isaac went hot then cold as he itched to get in his car and drive away as fast as he was able. As he had told Kayla, he had never done a meet the parent’s moment and he sure didn't want to start now. He went completely still as Kayla stiffened from next to him.

"Hey Mum, did you get the note I left?" Kayla's reply was followed by a gulp.

"I sure did. I'm fairly certain you also said you were going to the creek with Hayley." Her Mum's seriousness was complete when she crossed her arms.

"I did...I was but Hayley went home early and this is...well this is Isaac her brother and he said he'd give me a lift." She babbled out the words feeling rather lightheaded and excruciatingly awkward.

"I see and kissing him was what?" The fierce questioning from her Mum had Kayla blushing deeply and floundering for words.

"Hello Mrs McCrae. My name is Isaac Thornton and I really want to date your daughter." Isaac couldn't believe the words he heard from his own mouth. As shocked as he was, it was nothing compared to a spluttering Kayla.

"We are not dating!" Kayla exclaimed through clenched teeth.

"And as you can see Kayla is a bit against the idea." Isaac continued even at the daggers Kayla's eyes were sending him.

"Not dating Isaac." Kayla bit off each word as she prodded him hard.

"So at any given opportunity I like to kiss her to remind her of how much I want us to go on a date." Isaac concluded, looking directly at Kayla's Mum with a winning smile.

"I cannot believe that you...that you told my Mum that!" Kayla's blush was as bright as her anger was fiery.

Isaac dared a glance at her Mum to find the woman fighting a smile. He let out a breath, pleased that his crazy words had been met positively. He hadn't been sure for a moment there what was going to happen but it seemed he had won her over.

"It's nice to meet you Isaac. Thank you for your honesty and for driving Kayla home. If you give her a chance I'm sure she will agree to a date soon enough.”

At her mother’s words, Kayla stormed into the house without even a goodbye. She rushed up to her room with her hands clasped around her burning cheeks. That had to be the most mortifying moment of her life! She dropped onto her bed with a groan and tried to think of anything but what had just happened.

"Well that was rather unexpected." Her Mum came into her room with a look of utter amusement on her face.

"Please tell me he's gone." Kayla's voice was muffled as she squashed her face into her pillow

"Well I guess I don't have to do the old birds and bee’s speech just yet." Her Mum brushed the hair back from Kayla's face.

"Ugh Mum!" Kayla cried out to her Mum's soft laugh.

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