like a river

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princess pov

me and daddy hadn't had sex time in a few months. sometimes i could hear mommy and daddy having sexy time but i didn't care since i was in such a young little space. all i cared about were pacifiers, diapers and toys.

now that i was back to my normal princess age, i felt my princess parts tingle for daddy. mommy was gonna and out of town for the weekend so i'd be just me and daddy.


days after the preschool incident happened, daddy still was mad at me.

"but it not me fwault", i whine at daddy.
"so you getting in a fight with an innocent girl is not your fault? you started it, princess"
"no but's, you will be punished for your actions", he said sternly and i giggle. "so you think this is funny?", i nod my head and shake my booty against him. "oh that's what you want? you wanna be fuck rough by daddy", he grins.
"yes daddy please", i beg. my princess parts leaking.

he started to rub me in my pull-up and i softly moaned his names.

"mmhm dada, it fweels so goody", i whimper and lean my short frame against his large one.
"does it really, princess?", daddy starts slowing down, the pleasure subsiding.
"no daddy, me wanna fweel goody", i try using my hand to continue moving his hand but he pulls it out of my pull up and i pout.
"don't pout princess. you're gonna get exactly what you want sooner or later, just be patient", he kisses my nose and picks me up.

we make it to his bedroom and she softy puts me on the bed. i spread my leg so that daddy can take my diaper off but he closes them.

"but dada?"
"shhh...", he kisses me slowly and softly making me want him even more.

why was daddy taking his time? i needed him now!!!

"daddy", i whimper and trying grinding myself on his crotch.
"patients", he whispers among me moan.

eventually after kissing me everywhere i wanted he took off my unicorn sweatshirt and my pink pull up. the breeze gave me goose bumps. my boobies fell out of my sweatshirt since i wasn't wearing a bra. i harshly squeezed, twisted and tugged on my nipples before daddy stopped me.

i expected him to start sucking on them but he kissed around them and down my tummy. my body shakes from his slight kisses. he kisses all the way down to my slit.

finally dada gets the point.

"dada me need yous", i whine and he says nothing but slowly licks my slit.

he stopped and kisses on my thighs and my booty.

"nooo, daddy! not there!", i whine and try grinding my heat into his face.

he chuckles and i moan from the vibration going through my body. at this point was actually dripping everywhere. i looked down to see a huge pool under me of my juices.

but daddy hadn't even done anything yet?

daddy got up for his place and unzipped his pants and took off his shirt. his hard member looked at me and i felt relief knowing what was to happens next.

he teases my opening with his tip for a while before sliding it in. i moaned out in pleasure.

surprisingly it didn't hurt as much since mommy has been pleasuring my princess parts with toys lately. he keep sliding in and out of me not picking up speed and staying at the same rhythm.

i needed him to go faster.

"faster, dada", i whimper know he won't like me bossing him around.
"are you giving me commands?", he stops.
"no, no dada. i sworry, keep going", i beg.
"i think you get took me to do things else", i look at him with pleading eyes.

he plunged himself deep in my and i yelped. he stayed in that position for what felt like for ever. it was a mix between pain and pleasure but i wanted the pain to stop. he pulled out of me painfully slow.

"me want it dada"
"is that right?", he said with a devilish smile and i nod my head, eagerly.

when he slid into me again he grabbed my hair and started to fuck me hard. i instantly fell into a void of bliss. this is all i ever wanted.

"ahhhh! omg!", i moaned loudly.
"yeah, you like that princess", pounded me so hard all i could see were stars.

as i reaches my climax all i could feel was pleasure. i had gotten lost, forgetting where, who and what i was. the pleasure being so great.

"cummies!", was all i could mange to get out while my eyes went crossed and my slit squirted.
"yes, princess. cum for daddy", daddy rubs my nub harshly making me cum harder.

he stuck his log back inside of me only making me need to cum once again with only a few strokes. and that's exactly what i had. i came a second time. this time harder then before with i didn't know was possible.

my legs trembled as daddy rubbed my clit once more. a river stream flew out of me hitting daddy's chest.

"you want more?", i nod. "words"
"yes daddy, please"

he slams into me a few more time and another wave hit me. i didn't realize i could cum so easily and fast. daddy finally gave me a break because my princess parts were swollen and red.

he got in top of me and slammed his cock down my throat and i gagged.

"yes princess like that, make daddy cum", i bobbed my head as fast as i could.

he thrusted deep into my throat. my eyes watering and my nose running. i looked into his eyes and they were much harder then normal. his eyes mixed with his tattoos made him look almost scary.

he got off of me and slammed into me three times before stopping. i could feel that he had cum inside me. my climax hitting me just as his hit him.

"keep it in princess", he said pulling out of me.

i tried keeping my eyes from crossing and my squirt from spraying everywhere. it was so hard not cum.

"let it out", as soon as those words left his mouth, a whole river of squirt left my slit. and it wouldn't stop. as i convulsed in my orgasmic state the water keep flowing.

i didn't know how to stop it. once the stream calmed down and i had stopped cum. i couldn't walk.

"did my princess get what she wanted?", daddy coos at me as he cradled me.
"yes, dada", i snuggle into his arms.

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