Just a Nobody

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"Hi, I'm Peter Parker and im not your average 14 year old kid.

I was left to fend for myself on the streets when Aunt May, my only family left died in a car crash.

Now I live in a alleyway eating scraps to survive.

Oh I'm also spiderman in my free time... which is all the time, but the avengers keep attacking me trying to recruit me but I don't like them very much."

It was midnight and Peter was sitting on the roof of a business building while eating a half eaten burger he'd found on the ground.

He ate it while looking up at the stars and dreaming about his family.

He heard some glass shatter and dropped his burger looking towards the noise.

"Finally something to do." Peter said as he put on his mask and swung off to the bank.

Spiderman swung through the door and leaned against the wall.

"Its not very nice to steal. Didn't your parents ever teach you that?" The robber turned around and spidermans spidey sences went off and he dodged five bullets.

"HEY that's not nice to shoot your friendly neighborhood spiderman!" He said as he webbed them up and heard the police cars coming.

He swung out into the city looking for more crime.

He stopped a stray dog from going onto the highway and a couple of small things before heading back to his alley way.

He quickly changed into his civilian clothes and lay down resting his head on his backpack and fell asleep.

The next morning

I awoke to the sound of my alarm going off and groaned rubbing my eyes. I got up and turned it off stretching.

"Ugh I'm starving." I said yawning. I grabbed my backpack and walked to school.

I pushed open the doors and was greeted by Ned. "Hey Peter!" Ned said cheerfully waving me over.

I waved at him and walked over glad I have someone who is like family to me. "Hi Ned what's happening?" Ned grabbed his books and supplies before closing his locker.

"Not much. But my mom is making tacos tonight wanna come over?" I thought about the delisiouse tacos.

I nodded. "See you in math." I said walking away.

School went by quickly and soon it was lunch! I walked down to the cafeteria even though I had nothing to eat I just enjoyed the time with my friends.

"HEY PENIS." I heard flash say. I groaned as the good day turned into an Ok. day. "Whatcha doing? Gonna have today's chipoltle?! Oh right you don't got the money for it. Boo hoo." He said waving the money in my face.

My spidey senses went off but I ignored them as he pushed me to the ground walking off.

I got up and rubbed my head and walked to the cafeteria and sat by Ned. "What took you so long?" Ned asked curiously as he bit into a chipoltle.

"Flash." I said in a flat tone(opposed to a curvy tone) as I stared down at the empty table in front of me.

Ned handed me his apple "Take it I'm already full and you look like you could use something to eat."

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