14. actually, what the fuck has this become?

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don't eat tide pods

[teawoo ☕️, dumber 🤪, dumbest 😔, dumbo that loves jinsung, sunshine ☀️, left side 🤩, doyum lover 😫, dumb 🤕, & yooyonghoe 👅 has logged on]

left side 🤩: sissys i have tea

teawoo ☕️: that's my job you bitch

dumbo that loves jinsung: yeah, your job is being a thot, junseo

left side 🤩: you know what, doyum?
left side 🤩: why don't you shut your bubble gum dumb dumb ugly ass rat face up before i smash your head with a brick

yooyonghoe 👅: ffs junseo
yooyonghoe 👅: SEUNGHWAN IHY

dumb 🤕: BUT THEN AFTER THAT, HE MADE A LITTLE CUTE SMILE AND IT MADE MY HEART GO : 💝❤️💜💛💗🧡💘❣️💘💙💝💚💞❤️💓💚💘❣️💘💙💝💙💜💞❤️💖❣️💕🧡💚💜❤️💞💛💖💕💕❣️💙🔐🔐‼️‼️💝💚💞💗❤️💕❣️💙💝💞❤️💚💜💖❣️❣️🧡💘💙💝💞💛💚💘💝💞💛💓💕🧡💕‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
dumb 🤕: AND THEN I SAID "fUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT" and then we cuddled and invited sungwon with us to watch a movie

sunshine ☀️: we watched jinsung fyi 😌😌

doyum lover 😫: huh???

sunshine ☀️: we watched shrek 🥰🥰

doyum lover 😫: why am i always being disrespected?

dumber 🤪: so, you guys watched shrek together...
dumber 🤪: and you guys didn't invite me??? im totally not crying
dumber 🤪: ☹️‼️

sunshine ☀️: forgive me,, ily :(

dumber 🤪: my uwus: taken by sungwon

sunshine ☀️: awww uwu 💝🔐

left side 🤩: on our next movie night, we'll invite you, since you're his boyfriend ksismxjs

dumber 🤪: yAAAAY

teawoo ☕️: wait a holy second
teawoo ☕️: can i come????

left side 🤩: you're with yongha so n o

teawoo ☕️: the disrespect

dumb 🤕: lets have movie night tonight !

left side 🤩: oMG YES JEKSIDK

doyum lover 😫: so what are we watching, porn?


yooyonghoe 👅: *disowns jinsung*

left side 🤩: now that yongha's disowned you, now you can come to movie night with us 🤪

doyum lover 😫: OMG YES PLS THANK YOU

sunshine ☀️: next
sunshine ☀️: why do we have to invite this ugly bum? I WANTED IT TO JUST BE ME, TAEKHYEON, YOU AND SEUNGHWAN

left side 🤩: shut up before it'll just be me, seunghwan, and taekhyeon

doyum lover 😫: WHAT ABOUT ME

left side 🤩: i don't even know about you anymore

dumbo that loves jinsung: invite him or the last thing you'll see is me in your room at 3:00 am with a knife in my hand coming to slit your throat

dumb 🤕: bitch i know the fuck not
dumb 🤕: if junseo dosent wanna invite him? then he dosent
dumb 🤕: and you won't do anything, because i'll be right next to junseo while he's sleeping
dumb 🤕: if i see you, i'll be the one spitting someone's throat

dumbo that loves jinsung: overprotective much?

doyum lover 😫: hey,, i'm overprotective too

yooyonghoe 👅: hi overprotective much, i'm yongha

{seen by 8 people}

doyum lover 😫: i honestly hate you so much right now

dumbest 😔: huh???

dumbo that loves jinsung: when did you get here? i thought you were logged off the whole time?

dumbest 😔: i was too busy laughing my ass off at you guys
dumbest 😔: i knew you guys were crazy but this takes the fucking cake 😂😂😂
dumbest 😔: i'm leaving this group and i'm joining nct see y'all later

[dumbest 😔 has left the chat]

dumbo that loves jinsung: where the fuck did that come from?

doyum lover 😫: i thought about joining day6...

yooyonghoe 👅: i thought about joining ab6ix, i miss youngmin

left side 🤩: i thought about joining the boyz

teawoo ☕️: i thought about joining stray kids

sunshine ☀️: i thought about joining golden child, bomin's hella hot & cute

dumber 🤪: fuck you, and i've been thinking about joining bts

dumb 🤕: that'll never happen, but i thought of joining ateez

dumbo that loves jinsung: i've been thinking of joining 1the9
dumbo that loves jinsung: ....wait

{seen by 7 people}

left side 🤩: you dimwit


and i've been thinking of joining twice (lmao jk i'm no visual)


i haven't been updating in like 17 years

i suck at updating ffS

i'm going through so much and i'm also doing a lot rn so..

i'll try to update more as the time goes on skksksks

bye now ~ 💘

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