twenty-three 🗝

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"Hyung! Dori peed on the mat," Felix screams from the living room.

Minho groans. He was in the kitchen and had just finished chasing Doongi, "Can you clean it up for me?"

"I'll just make Chan hyung clean it,"

Chan who was busy editing and producing some songs, was disturbed when Felix walked in his room, "Hyung, I need help."

He removed his earphones seeing Felix walked in, "You need anything?"

"Yes, Dori peed on the mat and -"

"I'm on it," Chan stood up without even letting Felix finish his sentence.

"Wow that was quick,"

Before Chan could go out, he stopped at the door, "Hey, Yongbok. Do you happen to know what Changbin was talking about earlier?"

The younger shook his head, "The one about one of us also liking her?"

Chan nods, "Do you think its Jisung?"

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"Come on," Jisung pulls Jiyeon towards the hill. It's been two days since her encounter with Changbin and her heart wasn't even helping.

"Where are you taking me?" Jiyeon asked the younger, curious as to why he skipped practiced just to spend the morning with her.

"Here!" Jisung stopped in the middle of the field. All they could see were the green grass everywhere. Jiyeon looked up at the sky and started to smile. "See? It feels refreshing."

"Yeah," Jiyeon agrees, sitting down. "Thanks, Sungie ~"

Jisung sat down beside her, "You're welcome, Jiyeon."

"Are you ever gonna call me Noona?"

"Jiyeon seems fine, what's wrong with it?"

"You know I'm a year younger, right?"

Jisung nods, "So what's the point?"

Jiyeon laughed at this question, "What's the point? Did you not learn any manners when you were young?"

"I did, but manners are nothing when it comes to you."

"Do you seriously see me as your equal?"

"Yes." Jisung opens his bag and hands her a water bottle, "Now, drink. I got you one."

Jiyeon started to notice something different about him before taking the water bottle, "Are you sure you're okay? You're acting a bit strange."

Jisung ruffles her hair, "I took you here to feel relaxed and gave you some water. What's so strange about that?"

"I wasn't really expecting you would do this, though."

"Well, since you're heartbroken and I'm the only one who knows, I decided to help."

Jiyeon scoffed, "Psh, me? Heartbroken? You must've mistaken me with the other Jiyeon."

Jisung saw how Jiyeon smiled, trying to ignore what she was feeling. But he knew deep down, her eyes tell a different story, "You know, they have nothing going on, right?"

"I know," Jiyeon answers, not looking at Jisung. "It just hurts. I never even expected feeling like this."

Jisung looks up at the sky too, "Well, that's what happens when you fall for someone. You just do."

"You really are something else, Han Jisung. I always knew I trusted the right guy."

Whenever something related to Changbin occurs, she would always tell Jisung about it.

Everything she and Changbin does together, Jisung knows about it.

Every feeling she gets whenever she's with Changbin, Jisung is there to listen.

Overall, Jisung's been there for her much more than her brother did.

In the group, they all knew how close Jisung and Jiyeon were but the boy brushes off every question asked about her because she trusted him not to tell a single soul about her new found feelings.

There's just one problem, something not even Jisung could've expected to happen and that is - he too, have discovered something not even his own heart could avoid.

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