A perfect problem

Alyssa’s P.O.V

Snug, warm and comfortable in my bed, I was edging towards a sound sleep. When I felt my phone vibrate under my pillow however, I let out an involuntary groan and reached in to take it out.

“Hello...this is Alyssa. Who’s calling?” I murmured quietly, my eyes still shut, even though I knew exactly who was calling.

“Your boyfriend!” the deep voice on the other side of the phone said. “Did you even look at the screen? Why can I only see your ears?”

I hated hearing him sound so alert and on point. It made me feel guilty about not being awake at such random hours.

"Hello? Lys? Look at your screen?" he repeated before I clocked onto what he was saying.

Face time!

I opened my eyes slightly and looked at my phone screen immediately. A pair of dimples and doe eyes were surrounded by soft curled hair greeted me with a cheeky grin and I obliged with a smile. A simple turn of the lips on his part and I physically found it challenging to be mad at him.

“Oh my god! Leonardo DiCaprio! Is that really you?” I sarcastically said, my voice sounding incredibly groggy.

“No, Harry,” he replied, sounding serious.

I rolled my eyes and kept my eyes half open.

“Oh, my other boyfriend! Hey, what’s up?”

“How many do you have?”

“You know what? Night time is for people to sleep!” I quietly said on loudspeaker, not having the energy to talk out loud.

“And other stuff...”

“Harry, you dirty- I don't have the energy to-”

“I only said stuff. Look who’s dirty now?”

“Please get to the point, my head demands rest!”

“I just wanted to hear your voice...and see you. Please quit murmuring? Talk properly, babe!”

“You’re impossible! It’s four am for flip sake!” I said in a slightly louder voice than I’d been speaking in.

He turned to the other side of his bed as I distantly heard Louis snoring in the background from next door. He was loud, even when he slept. I’d love to have been sleeping like him but Harry would always call me at the most random of times. I had to admit it was cute but, I wasn’t going to let him know that, though. Nonetheless, the way my eyelids were battling with my mind, Harry had another thing coming.

“You there, miss?” he waved his hand around.

“Just thinking...”


“How much I’d love to be snoring like Louis?”

He smirked at my reply and decided it would be best if he simply got out of bed and stood up. His phone was facing him and the most I could see was his shoulders, but I very well knew he was fully naked. The particular thought suddenly enticed in my mind didn't exactly help speed up the process of going to sleep any more than I intended for.

“Please put some clothes on? Actually no pleases!Just put some clothes on!”

“You know you like it.” His arrogance earned a stifled groan on my behalf.

He walked to his bedroom door and opened it to greet his phone to an empty hallway. I closed my eyes fully for a second, not bothering to ask him what he was about to do as his intentions were already very clear. He walked over to Louis’ room and walked in without even bothering to knock. The snoring grew louder and louder from Louis's mouth and so I opened my eyes once more. Harry reached Louis' bed and bent over his face to zoom in on his face.