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Pen Your Pride

I walked towards the train that I would catch to get to my new home, London. I am 18 but I dropped out of school last year, in year 11 because I started to design clothes and I became really successful with it, and was allowed to drop out so I can further my career.

I am going to London because there is a company that wants to see some of my designs and maybe might sell them at the company. That would help me a lot. My dad is still back in America, but we talk daily. My mom died when I was 5 in a car accident. I was born in America, and then when I dropped out I went to: Australia, Paris, Italy, Spain and a lot more countries. My dad has supported me the whole way and he has been so much help. 

When I arrived in London, I had a car waiting to take me to my apartment. I had that photo gripped in my hands the whole way to my new apartment. I thanked the driver and walked into the building. It was a quite large building. I dragged my black leather suit case into the lift and pressed 57. Yes, there were over 57 floors. I think there is about 80 or something. When the door of the lift opened, my eyes were gazing upon the long hall way that was in front of me. It would've been about 200 metres long. I walked down the long hall way until I found room 77 which would be my new apartment for a few years.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Greta Wilton and I was born in Texas. I am 18 years old and I am a clothes designer. My dad’s name is Jason Wilton. I also have a 3 year old sister named, Claire Wilton. As I said when I was 15 my mom died in a car accident. My aunty Sarah was driving and well yeah, she crashed it. They both died and well, my sister was born about a week before that happened. My dad almost went crazy. He didn't think he'd be able to look after me and my sister. But he soon got the hang of it and with my help, we didn’t struggle or go hungry or anything.

Anyway, I opened the door, walked inside and looked around. It wasn’t that big but it was perfect for me. There was a bathroom, a laundry, a lounge, a bed room and a study. I dragged my heavy suitcase into the bedroom and walked back out into the lounge room. I jumped onto the couch and had a rest, but ended up sleeping for about 5 hours. I woke by the sound of my phone ringing. I jumped up and answered it. "Hello?" I said still half asleep. "GRETA!" I heard a voice say. "Yes?" I mumbled. "Did you get to London safely?" Ok I now know that, that "voice" was my dad. "Clearly I did Dad." I replied sarcastically. "Okay sweetheart, no need to be smart! Well have a great time in London! Claire says hi, and good bye darling! Don’t forget I love you!" He added. "Love you too Dad, bye." I said, and hanged up.

I got up off the couch and went into my bedroom. I looked at the bed and I saw two little chocolates at the end of the bed on top of towels. I grabbed the chocolates and ate them. They were very nice and seemed expensive. I chucked my pyjamas on and hopped into bed. It was very soft and very comfortable. "I'll have a shower in the morning." I thought.

"AHH!" I screamed as I heard someone walking around in my room. "Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you! I am just the house keeper!" The lady replied innocently. "Oh, its okay." I added. "Ok, good! Well I'm finished here! So, have a nice day and enjoy your stay!" She cheerfully said. "Thank you." I mumbled still half asleep.

I got out of bed and got changed. Today I was going to do some shopping! I really need some new clothes and I really need food! I am going to out for breakfast too because at the moment there is no food at all in my apartment. I walked out of my apartment, locked the door and wondered out the front. I have never been to London before so I don’t really know where to go….. I kept walking down the street of where my apartment is and I eventually came across a little café.

I sat down on a table and the waiter came over. "Hello, what would you like?" She said. "Just a hot chocolate thanks." I replied. Ok. I know its hot but I feel like one. "Okay, sure. Shouldn’t be long, its £5 thanks." She said and I handed her the money. About 3 minutes later she came back over with my hot chocolate. It was amazing!! I am definitely going there again! "Thank you so much, it was amazing!" I told the waiter as I walked out. "That’s great!" She replied.


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