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Chu Feng (MC)

Zhang Min (MC BF/sworn sis)

IN THE NOVEL "The Last Winter Flower of Nian City"

Han Clan: 

-Patriarch/Grandfather Han (adoptive grandfather of HQX) --->5 bros who each has 3-4 sons

-Father Han (adoptive father of HQX)

-Madam An (main wife of Grandfather Han)

-Concubine Yi (wife of Grandfather Han)

-Han Xiwei (older step sis of HQX)

-Han Susu (older step sis of HQX)

-Han Qin Xi (body MC is in)

-Elder Han Eryan (brother of Grandfather Han)

-Elder Han Siu (brother of Grandfather Han)

-Elder Han Lang (brother of Grandfather Han)

-Chang Le (Third Aunt)

-Third Uncle (Han Bing Ge)

Zhou Clan: 

-Madam Zhou (mother of ML of the novel)

-Zhou Weiyang (ML of the novel)

-Elder Zhou Cai 

-Elder Zhou Xifeng

-Zhou Xun Li (Son of Elder Zhou Cai / cousin of ZW)

Lan Clan: (1 Husband / 2 wives / 7 children -->sons only)

-Lan Jing (2nd ML of the novel / 7th son of Lan clan)

Xiao Clan: 

-Xiao Yan (3rd ML of the novel / Heir to Xiao Clan)

-Xiao Man (sister of XY)

Li Clan: (1 Husband / 12 Children -->only 1 son / 7 Wives)

-Master Li (Father of FL of the novel)

-Second Madam Li (Mother of LGX/1st wife)

-Madam Li (Mother of FL of the novel/6th wife)

-Li Yu Yan (FL of the novel)

-Li Gao Xian (Half sis of LYY)

Ming Clan:

-Southern General Ming (father of Ming Shu)

-Ming Shu (1st daughter of S. Gen. Ming)


Song Clan: 

-Song Liu Wei (4th ML of the novel / best friend of ML of the novel)

He Clan:

-He Delun

-He Peizhi (5th FL of the novel)


-Zheng Mingran (wife of ML of the novel / current master of Lake Valley)

-Mingyu (little golden serpent / divine beast)

-Physician Hu (Physician for the Zhou Residence)

-Deity Xia (Known as one of the Moon Goddesses)

-Shang Gu Bei (Dead/A disciple who wanted Mingyu's core)

-Lord ----> Wang Jiexi

-Eunuch (follower of "Lord")

-Lou Siying (Known to be Prince of the Underworld)

-Master Ling (popular hot guy with many stores)

-Ou Renshu (follows Master Ling around)

-Murong Qin'er (4th FL of the novel)

-Emperor (Friend of ZW & WJ)


-Mei (Dead) ---> Mei Lien ("alive")

-Yang (Dead)

Jiang Sect

-Wang Jiexi (Title: Lord)

Scarlet Sect

-Bei Li (Renown sect master of Scarlet Sect)

-Lou Nan (wife of ML of the novel / Bei Li's only known disciple)

Ren Sect

-Ming Shu (Disciple)

Zhilian Sect

-Fu Chen (Disciple)

-Fu Bao (Disciple)

Xuanyuan Sect

-Xiao Man (Disciple)

-Xiao Yan (Disciple)


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