preschool pt.2

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princess pov

"come on kids, story time", the lady says.

all the other littles rush over to the area in front of the rocking chair and grab carpet squares to sit on. my diapie slows me down and once i get to the carpet square basket they're all gone. i pout as the teacher starts to read to book.

i sit in the back. i heard two of the boys snickering about me, "her diapie so big she doesn't even need a carpet square", they whisper to each other but i can hear.

tears fill in my eyes but i fight the urge to let them fall.

as the book went on the teacher would call on people to tell her what happened in the last page. i was hoping not to get called on because i wasn't understanding the book too well. there were too many big words.

"who would like to tell me what happened on the last page?"

everyone but me raised their hand, practically jumping up and down.

"how about...rowan?", she smiles at me and i shake my head. "come on it's okay, it's only one page"

i try to think about what we had just read but my memory was no good.

"i-i d-don't know?", my face burns hot when everyone starts to laugh and i start to cry.
"no need to cry, rowan. what's wrong?"
"i-i no un-der-stand da boo-k", i try sounding out the words.
"omg she sooo stupid!", a girl laughs.

the whole class busts out laugh and i cry harder, not being able to control it any longer. and not quite or silent laughs. loud and obvious ones.

the teacher picks me up and takes me out of the room. she asks another teacher to look after the class. i continue to cry as we walk into the quiet hallway.

"shh...", she rocks me and bounces me. i finally calm down.

i look down in my hands to see that fluffy is gone. oh. no. i must have dropped him.

"fuffy!", i whine.
"what sweetheart?"
"stuffie, gone!", i yelp.
"oh, your stuffed animal. it's probably just back in the room, no need to worry"

she places me on her hip and we walk back in. the room is quite and everyone is taking a nap. this made me wanna sleep too.

"fluffy?", i try whispering but it comes out loud.

we look around the room but he's no where to be seen.

"huh? are you sure you had him when you came here today", i nod.

we look around the room again before she spots him. in. the. trash. can. ahhhhhh!

she quickly pulls him out and he's cut to pieces.

"oh, no!", i scream.

the other teacher comes rushing over.

"what's wrong?"
"did you see what happened to her stuffie?", the lady asks.
"oh my, that was yours. i'm sorry, sweetie. mallory, over there was cutting it up so i threw it away. i'm sorry", i look over to where she pointed and saw the murderer of fluffy.

she was the same girl that called me stupid and said i was a boy. she looks at me with an evil look and then pretends to be asleep. oh no, she didn't.

"down, pwease", i ask and the lady puts me down and starts talking to the other lady.

i waddle as fast as i can over to the meanie girl, "meanie buttttt!!!", i shout at her and throw a stuffie at her.

at first i feel bad but once she throws one back i keep going. we keep throwing stuffies at each other until she throws a sippy cup at my head.

it hurted a lot.

i charge at her and we hit the nappy cots. all the other littles form a circle around us and cheer on the fight.

i nail her in the head with a paci that's on the floor. she slaps me in the face and i slap back. i pull her pig tails and she screams.

"girls break it up!", the lady yells but we keep going.

the meanie girl turns us over so that i'm on the bottom and she can easily beat me up. she pulls my hair and hits me some more. the teacher begins to pull her off of me but she holds on to my diaper.

once the teacher successfully pulls her off of me, the diaper went with her. and just then i saw that i during the fight i had poo poo and wee wee in my diapie. oopies. hehe.

i giggle as she holds the loaded diaper and screams once she realizes what's in it. she throws it across the room. but then it settles in that all i'm wearing is a t-shirt and i have a icky booty right now.

"i icky", i whine as the teacher picks me up.
"yes and it will stay that way until your daddy gets here!", she points her finger in my face, scolding me.

as we get to the front of the building she gives my booty a really hard spankie and i yell in pain. i see daddy walking into the building. he didn't look happy.

"i'm sorry for her behavior today", he apologizes.
"it's okay but i'd like to talk to you about moving her down in grade classes", she hands me over to him.
"okay, how so?", daddy puts me on the ground making me walk around without anything but a shirt on still.

we follow the lady through the building as they talk.

daddy pov

"okay, how so?", i ask putting down my bad princess.
"well through out the day i've felt like she would work better in a baby ddlg class. in her current class she's the only one still using a diaper and can't can't control her bowels"
"i understand what you mean"
"also those classes have less kids and since she's pretty shy it might help. but i would also like to say that her behavior today will not be tolerated and only has one more strike before i will be force to kick her out of the program", i nod.
"i'll think about it, thank you. sorry again for her", we leave.

she for for sure getting punished today.


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