✨Watty Awards 2019✨

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Hello my loves!

I just want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time and reading and commenting on Better Off, the love and support means so much to me♥

I clicked on Whatever It Takes to see that it is eligible for the Watty Awards 2019 and was honestly shocked. Quickly realizing that Whatever It Takes is eligible for the Watty Awards 2019, Better Off has to be as well, and sure enough, it is.

Cue the water works.

To be eligible and to actual enter both Better Off and Whatever It Takes means so much to me. And I know that this could no be possible without all of you♥ So again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything♥

You all have supported me here with Better Off, and I thank you. Now I ask if you could support me with Whatever It Takes, on Kathrine's journey.

Because Whatever It Takes is just over halfway published, I am not quite ready to enter this book into the Watty Awards 2019, however, I am going to. The submission deadline is August 1st and I hope to have Whatever It Takes completely published by that time. I ask for you all to continue showing love and support because again, it's you all who make these amazing things happen♥

Honestly I love you all so much♥

As always, your love and support mean the world♥

~ Abigail_Irene

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